Video Wall Displays

Your Ultimate Visualization System Designed and Delivered by the Industry Experts

Haivision MCS offers a complete portfolio of best-in-class video wall displays. Each type of display panel includes its own range of premium features and customization options. Our technology is engineered for the most demanding applications. Haivision displays deliver outstanding visual performance, flexibility, and reliability. Every system is purpose-built, customized to meet the unique demands of our customer’s use-case and environment.

CineView III LCD Displays

Our CineView III LCD video wall displays deliver unparalleled brightness, visual performance, and reliability. They offer ultra-narrow bezels and a thin-profile design. CineView III LCDs create an immersive visual canvas for almost any content. They are also built to last and provide extreme longevity.

CineView III LCD Display

CineLuxe LED Displays

Our CineLuxe LED displays deliver a brilliant, seamless visual experience. The CineLuxe display boasts the highest-resolution pitches and color uniformity in the industry. With our solution, users leverage all of the benefits of LED displays while enjoying the 24/7/365 reliability of Haivision’s visualization technology.
CineLuxe LED Display

Portable Visualization

Haivision’s portable solutions include everything needed for a complete video wall system such as display(s), a video processor, and all the necessary equipment and cables. All system components are packed in a ruggedized transit case. You can easily expand these systems with additional displays and optional accessory packages.
Stryke Lightning 3x Portable Video Wall


Why a Haivision Video Wall?

Superior Components

Designed by our expert engineers and industry-leading partners, Haivision video walls are built from professional-grade components. They are designed to deliver unparalleled visual performance. Our solutions provide precision, scalability, and reliability.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Our premium display technologies include a broad range of sizes, shapes, and resolutions. We’ll work with you to select the optimal display type, dimensions, and mounting system for your application. Our engineers deliver a truly custom solution tailored to your needs.

Expert Integration

As a complete solutions provider, we’re committed to a timely and successful deployment of your new video wall. Your system will be installed and integrated at your location by our team of experienced programmers and technicians.

Tested and Proven

Haivision display systems have been proven in some of the world’s most demanding environments. Our video walls support critical operations of an array of different markets. This includes elite military units, Fortune 500 companies, medical research centers, and more.

Miami Gardens Real Time Crime Center

Miami Gardens’ Real Time Crime Center leverages a few Haivision video walls to enable safer, more effective crime fighting. Officers use the system to monitor camera feeds, visualize crime patterns, and deliver important and up-to-date information to response units.

Haivision's Complete Visual Collaboration Systems

Explore our range of cutting-edge video wall products. Our custom solutions are designed specifically for each environment. Let us design a system to fit your needs, whether it’s for critical decision-making, operations management, large-scale collaborations, or for enhanced learning and research.

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