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Webinar • 7/28/2022

Next-Generation Visual Collaboration Platform for Critical Decision-Making

Listen in as our experts give an overview of our new visual collaboration platform, Haivision Command 360 and learn how this next-generation technology enables organizations to make real-time critical decisions fast.

In this session we’ll explore the key features of Command 360:

  • Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Control
  • Enhanced Security
  • Multi-Site & Remote Scalability
  • Easy, Fast Deployment
  • Real-Time Visibility

Webinar • 5/5/2021

Empowering Global Security Operations Through Visual Collaboration Technology

Learn how leaders at McKesson and Cox Enterprises use advanced visualization systems in their global security operations centers (GSOCs) to proactively address and respond to issues.

In this session we’ll explain how organizations:

  • Design and implement a GSOC
  • Deploy mobile control facilities in under 15 minutes
  • Scale your GSOC as your organization’s needs change and grow
  • Integrate with existing technology infrastructures and workflows
  • Efficiently stream current and future content sources
  • Retrieve and share an influx of visual information in real-time
  • Create a global common operating picture (GCOP) for a remote and global workforce

Webinar • 8/20/2020

Visualization Systems for Faster Intelligence Gathering, Response, & Analysis

Hear law enforcement leaders talk about how they are using the latest visual intelligence technologies from Haivision MCS (formerly CineMassive) to fight crime more effectively and efficiently in their communities.

In this session we’ll explain how departments:

  • Increase efficiencies while “doing more with less”
  • Collaborate with first responders, traffic management, local and/or federal agencies.
  • Easily change layouts with videos, images, and other digital info.
  • Connect devices and stream URL-based sources without adding servers or overloading processors.
  • Deploy connected, field-based command centers in under 15 minutes.

Webinar • 7/23/2020

Deploying a Rugged, Portable Platform for Rapid Response

Learn how your organization can set up a mobile command center in under 15 minutes in order to share a Global Common Operating Picture from anywhere across your network. Our experts introduce the Stryke, a new breed of ruggedized, portable video wall processors commissioned by the Department of Defense, that can easily travel down range with elite, expeditionary units from the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

In this session we explore how to:

  • Set up a Stryke in a mobile command center in under 15 minutes.
  • Create custom layouts with videos, images, and other digital info.
  • Connect devices to provide the best view of situational awareness.
  • Share a Global Common Operating Picture from anywhere across your network.

Webinar • 6/30/2020

Adapting Disaster Management to Multiple Threats

Is your emergency operations center prepared to handle the demands of weather disasters, like storms and wildfires, and continued health crisis response simultaneously? View this recorded webinar for insights on how customers are adopting a multi-use EOC video wall strategy to enable rapid response in the face of competing disasters.

In this session we’ll explore how to:

  • Instantly shift team focus  using dynamic layouts and behaviors.
  • Stream and interact with multi-source web content.
  • Collaborate across agencies and jurisdictions.
  • Set up and support mobile operations in the field.
  • Share content from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device regardless of location.

Webinar • 6/4/2020

Increasing the Performance of Web-Based Video Sources

Does it take forever for web applications to refresh and display on your video wall? Watch this recorded session for command center best practices and find out how one of the world’s leading content delivery network dramatically improved the performance of sharing an unlimited number of web applications in real-time across their shared visualization dashboard.

In this session we’ll explore how to:

  • Reduce the hardware needed to keep critical web apps running.
  • Stream web content without using your operator’s desktop.
  • Instantly refresh and change web content as needed.
  • Increase the number of web apps streamed cost-effectively.

Webinar • 5/7/2020

Best Practices for Adapting to a Remote Workforce

Is your organization adapting to the unique demands of the pandemic and a suddenly remote workforce? Our Command Center experts share industry best practices on how to implement a distributed command center model using our newest solutions.

In this session you’ll learn how:

  • Remote teams can connect to your command center.
  • Non-technical users can create custom layouts within minutes.
  • Operators can interact with web-based content directly from the video wall.
  • Separated video walls can be shared across stationary and mobile command centers.

Webinar • 1/15/2020

One of our public safety visualization expert explores how police officers and first responders can improve response times and reduce risk by creating a common operating picture through a state-of-the-art video wall system.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to create a common operating picture by merging visual data.
  • Efficient collaboration across multiple agencies and departments.
  • How to improve incident response time through real-time data.

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