Control Room Design

Haivision MCS offers design and space planning services for new and renovated control room environments. We have designed, installed, furnished, and supported control rooms for clients in the US Armed Services, Fortune 500 companies, and top-tier private security firms. Our team will transform your space into a comfortable, ergonomic, safe, and attractive visualization environment.

Expert Design & Planning

When planning your control room, our team considers sightlines, acoustics, human factors, and movement patterns to reduce fatigue and increase safety and functionality within the space. Our solutions follow the guidelines of ISO-11064 and accommodate health and safety legislation, ADA requirements, and other local and internal demands. We can work independently or in collaboration with your architects and designers to develop the optimal layout for your control room space.

Lighting Solutions

Haivision can supply and install a variety of lighting systems for your control room design. Your lighting system will be optimized to reduce eye strain, increase vigilance, and eliminate glare and reflections on your video wall. Our engineers can also program your lights to be controlled and automated through the video wall system.

Acoustic Paneling & Sound Masking

Our engineers have a deep understanding of acoustic principles and can provide a range of solutions to reduce ambient noise and create speech privacy for your new control room. Our team can supply and install acoustic paneling, sound masking systems, and other sound control tools for your space.

Raised Access Flooring

The Haivision team can deliver raised access flooring to accommodate the passage of cables and wiring. Our control room flooring systems provide protection and easy access to cables. We carefully evaluate the height, weight, and functional parameters of your technology to select the optimal flooring system. Our flooring can be installed as part of a new build or retrofitted to an existing environment.

Control Room Furniture

We can furnish your control room with consoles, chairs, conference tables, and custom furniture. We source our furniture from industry-leading manufacturers who specialize in control room furnishings. All CineMassive-supplied furniture is built to withstand rigorous 24/7 use and designed to support operator comfort, vigilance, and productivity over long shifts.

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