professional on-Site installation and integration

Before being delivered and installed at your site, your Haivision MCS visualization system will be staged and meticulously tested at our Atlanta headquarters. During the staging process, all displays, processors, and software are assembled and configured to full functionality – just as they will be in your facility.

So why go to all this trouble when we’ll just have to rebuild the system again at your site? Fully assembling your technology allows our team to test the system as a whole, so we can ensure that all components are working together seamlessly to meet your requirements. Performing this process in our facility also helps us streamline your on-site installation, minimizing disruptions to your organization.

The Haivision Staging Process

Step 1: Complete system build-out

Your video wall, mounting system, and processor rack is fully assembled in our facility by our installation team. Our programmers code and configure any audiovisual control systems, such as Crestron, that will be integrated with your video wall system.

Step 2: Cable management

Our team labels and manages the cabling for your system. This additional step helps us complete your on-site installation more efficiently and ensures that your completed system is safe, serviceable, and attractive from every angle.

Step 3: Rigorous stress-testing

Our engineers test your system beyond the limits of normal operation to ensure it can handle even the most extreme demands. Each video wall system is stress-tested for at least 48 consecutive hours in our in-house facility.

Step 4: QC of custom automation code

Your project manager tests any custom control systems that were developed to automate the video wall, audio, video teleconferencing systems, or other external devices. This testing helps us confirm that your control system is user-friendly and optimized for your needs.

Step 5: Packed and shipped with care

After we’ve fully tested your system and have verified that it meets our exacting standards, we carefully disassemble the system and prepare it for shipment to your site. Special padded crates ensure that every component ships safely and arrives ready for installation.

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