On-Site Video Wall Installation & Integration

professional on-Site installation and integration

Haivision MCS is more than a video wall manufacturer: we provide complete on-site installation and integration services to ensure a timely, successful deployment of your new visualization system. Your system will be installed and integrated by fully-trained Haivision technicians with expert knowledge of all system components.

The Haivision Installation & Integration Process

Step 1: Installation team briefing

Before traveling your site, our installation team will meet with your project manager, engineers, and staging technicians for a thorough briefing on your system. This step ensures that our installers have a full understanding of your system components, use-case, and scheduling requirements.

Step 2: Complete system installation

During the installation process, all displays, mounting, processors, and software are fully assembled at your site and prepared for integration. Our team takes pride in providing a smooth, efficient, and professional installation experience for every customer.

Step 3: Seamless audiovisual integration

After installation is complete, our technicians integrate all components of your video wall system and any supplemental technology into your existing environment. Our programmers configure any control systems that will be used to automate the video wall or external devices. Finally, we connect your desired content sources so that your system is ready to use. Our technicians have years of experience integrating our systems and are committed to delivering a seamless solution.

Step 4: Detailed commissioning process

Before closing out your installation, our technicians will perform a full commissioning process. Each component of your video wall system will be carefully inspected and tested to ensure it is properly installed and optimized to fulfill your requirements.

More Benefits of Our Installation & Integration Services

The Haivision team has years of experience installing and integrating our systems in sensitive and secure environments. From multi-class military control rooms to C-level corporate facilities, our project managers and installers are prepared to work within the strict protocol involved with these installations.

We understand that many video wall installations are part of larger construction projects. Our team is experienced working with and around these complex projects, and can accommodate shifting construction schedules when necessary. Your project manager can also coordinate directly with architects, construction companies, and electricians to ensure that your new space can support the video wall system safely and efficiently.

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