Video Wall Mounts

Mount Solutions for Any Video Wall Installation

video wall display mounts

Whatever your control room setup or environment is, Haivision will provide your new video wall with a secure and reliable mounting solution. Our steel and aluminum mounts are engineered for peak durability and alignment, no matter what display type your organization chooses. Our expert engineers work with you and your team to include the best mounting options for your environment and workflow in your custom video wall system design. Our mounts feature a push-pull functionality that allows for individual displays to be easily accessed and serviced as needed without disturbing adjacent panels.

Our mounts also provide precision controls to allow micro adjustments in height, width, and depth so your display panels are perfectly flush for the streamlined look and feel your control room environment deserves.

Key Benefits

  • Micro adjustments for precise alignment
  • Built with custom-fabricated steel and aluminum
  • Designed for easy service access
  • Meets ADA compliance as needed
video wall display mounts

Wall Mounting Solutions

Your video wall needs to serve your control room as efficiently as possible no matter the shape, size, or layout. Our mounting solutions for either LED or LCD displays will be designed to the exact specifications your workspace requires. We offer a series of options to fit your organization’s needs.

Standard Wall Mounts

  • Ideal for existing facility walls and architecture
  • Compatible with virtually any wall built to support the necessary weight
Wall Mounted Video Wall

Curved Wall Mounts

  • Curved radius that benefits larger control rooms for additional operators
  • Designed to match the contours of your wall for a streamlined look
Curved Video Wall

Recessed Wall Mounts

  • Zero-depth profile
  • Seamless blending with surrounding wall for enhanced aesthetics
Recessed Video Wall

Freestanding Mounting Options

Haivision also features freestanding mounting systems for environments with limited wall space. Our freestanding mounts are attached securely to concrete flooring and provide a sleek, low-profile design. In addition to standard freestanding mounts, we also offer curved freestanding mounts which allow for larger video walls in smaller spaces.

Standard Freestanding

Freestanding Video Wall

Curved Freestanding

Freestanding Curved Video Wall

Custom Mounting Options

Looking for a completely custom video wall design? We understand that the architecture, planning, and purpose of every control room space dictates the overall design of each video wall. No matter your setup, our team of experts will design and implement a mounting solution for any display configuration.

Custom Mounting Solutions

Custom Video Wall Mount

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