Video Wall Technology

A comprehensive Haivision video wall is anchored by our industry leading Command 360 software platform. Command 360 seamlessly integrates with the necessary components for an intuitive video wall solution that delivers situational awareness and visual collaboration capabilities tailored to the activities, environment, and workflow of operation and command centers.

The Real-Time Situational Awareness You Need to Make Critical Decisions Fast

With a Haivision video wall in place, your organization can securely visualize and dynamically respond to urgent situations faster than ever before.

Command 360 and its components allow you to visualize content from any source and provides the advanced functionality you need to manage and control a video wall that spans any size network and multiple locations.

Command 360 Ecosystem

A complete Haivision video wall system includes a combination of hardware and software components, tailored to your organization’s specific use case and operational needs.

Command 360 Video Wall Software Ecosystem

System Components

System Components

Command 360 Video Wall Software

Gain instant access, intuitive content control, and comprehensive administration over your organization’s visualization system(s) with Command 360 content & device management software.

Power, control, and flexibility you need to route content where you need it on your video wall. Our Alpha FX video processors facilitate media playback, rendering, content management and so much more.

Alpha FX Video Wall Processors
Haivision Stryke Portable Video Processor

The Stryke is built to withstand shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. It’s a portable, tactical command and control system designed for harsh environments and emergency operations.

Enhance your video wall system’s capabilities with a broad range of additional hardware components. Whether you need to display web-based applications, stream data from remote workstations,  or route content to connected processors, our technology is designed to meet your organization’s needs.

Video Wall Hardware Accessories

Portable Solutions

Ideal for special missions, responding to natural disasters, or managing mobile command centers. Our portable systems are complete solutions designed to be rugged and easy to set-up.

More About Video Walls

Learn from the experts! Visit our educational section to be introduced to the typical components of a visualization system. We also explain the underlying visual technology that powers them, compare available display options, and much more.

What is a Video Wall?

A complete video wall solution includes various components. Specially designed software makes all the components work together seamlessly. Hardware, such as video wall processors, connect your content sources to the display wall. Display panels provide a large scale, high-resolution “visual canvas” for your mission-critical content. Read more to get educated on the basics of a video wall system.

Why do You Need a Video Wall?

Having a centralized cohesive view of content and information to aid in critical decision making or situational awareness is vital to efficient operations. The benefits are endless. Learn how you can maximize a full return on your investment.

What Should You Consider?

Selecting the right video wall display technology depends on your organization’s budget, use case and environment. In addition, you need an expert team to help you get started. We’ve outlined key questions to help you identify your needs and narrow your options.
Virtual Operations Center

Take an interactive tour of our virtual ops center. This immersive 3D model demonstrates how Haivision visual technology solutions work together to provide real-time intelligence and situational awareness for operation and command centers.

Explore a mockup of the various system components, content workstations, equipment setup, operation dashboards and more to help you visualize and plan an operations center for your organization.

Designed for Command and Operation Centers

Designed for Command and Operation Centers

Haivision specializes in providing a video wall solution applicable to a multitude of business uses and environments. Explore the markets we serve to learn more about the custom configurations we suggest for your industry and use case.

Start Planning Your Project

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