Crisis Action Team Visualization Systems

Informed and Empowered Emergency Response​

Military branches activate emergency response units in times of great need. Like local, state, and federal emergency response teams, military Crisis Action Teams (CATs) must be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Haivision visualization systems are designed to be operational immediately when disaster strikes, and collaborative dashboards are needed to gather intelligence and respond efficiently.

Haivision designs and delivers custom visual collaboration systems, including all necessary displays, processors, content management software, and more. Your Haivision system can be installed at your location and fully integrated into your environment.

What to Consider for Your CAT Center

Crisis Action Centers come in several varieties and all are designed to meet the specific needs of the military branches they operate within. Tools for these spaces assist personnel in leveraging incoming intelligence in order to take the appropriate actions with available resources. Whatever emergency operations your CAT center serves, there are several factors regarding the staff, services, and facility layout to consider.

Facility type

  • What military branch will the system serve?
  • What applications and software tools will operators use?
  • What additional agencies will need to be included?

Integrating existing technology

  • Can you manage system hardware easily?
  • How often do you add new tools/systems?
  • Are tools/applications branch or division specific?

Staff rotation and acumen

  • How often does your staff rotate/change?
  • Do you have internal technical training?
  • How technically experienced is your average operator?

Physical space

  • Will you need multiple walls per location?
  • Do you need to make architectural changes to house a video wall?
  • How many operators will view the wall at once?

Active at a Moment’s Notice

Being prepared to react instantly is the core of any emergency response unit. There is no telling when disaster might strike, and when it does, a plan must be ready, or additional lives could be at risk.

Some CAT centers are fully staffed and functional year-round, day and night. Other CATs remain dormant until called upon in the wake of an emergency. Haivision video wall systems are built to excel in either capacity. Whether you need your display system running 24/7/365 or for select events with months, or possibly years, between uses – Haivision’s dependable solutions will always be ready for your team to spring into action with no downtime.

Interagency Collaboration

Emergency operations depend on the ability to work alongside adjacent agencies when needed. Natural disasters, public health incidents, and man-made disasters all require cooperation from several departments and branches at the same time. Haivision systems make it easy for your CAT center to bring in outside agencies when called upon–be they local, state, or federal.

The Command 360 software platform makes collaborative control over a visualized workspace intuitive. With very minimal training, any operator can efficiently push content between singular workstations and shared video walls in seconds. This means that you will not suffer any downtime when partner agencies need to utilize your space for interagency operations.

Mobile Emergency Response

Frontline operations that are always on the move face the difficult issue of constantly staying in touch with central command whenever they setup in a new location. Our expeditionary line of visualization products includes a complete, scalable mobile display (SMD) system, man-portable line of Stryke video processors, and associated standup kits. These portable solutions allow mobile units to quickly re-establish their dynamic operational dashboard and share information with the JOCs and COICs overseeing their operations. All Stryke systems can be set up in minutes by a single person. You can even use the Stryke with additional displays such as our own SMD (Scalable Mobile Display).

System Component Considerations

The real-time situational intelligence gained through a common operating picture is critical to keep first responders informed as they arrive at the scene. It is imperative to make sure you have the right equipment in your visualization solution.

LED or LCD Displays?

Every Crisis Action Center is different but given the high volume of video footage that will be reviewed by your CAT, we recommend LCD displays for your video wall. Our CineView III LCD displays represent some of the best examples of these advantages over LED for emergency response systems:LCD & LED Videe Wall Display Panels
  • LCDs provide the best resolutions for viewing a high number of video inputs
  • Content feeds can adjust to easily fit within or around ultra-narrow bezels
  • Design isolates power supply and processing for easier access and service
  • Our LCD panels boast a 150,000+ hour Mean Time between Failure (MTBF)

Content & Device Control Management System

Command 360 software allows network-wide access to any available content. Designed for use by anyone, regardless of technical expertise, Command 360 software  lets users control their video wall on a browser-based platform through any PC or smart tablet with network access. 

Command 360 Software Interface

  • Direct management of 3rd party devices in the user interface
  • Easily push real-time content between workstations and the video wall in seconds
  • Create and switch between custom content layouts on the fly
  • Content rotation allows for more cameras to be viewed on the wall with programmable switching
  • Easily integrates with security tools from Genetec, Avigilon, Milestone and many more

Explore Command 360

Reliable & Powerful Processing

Designed for mission-critical spaces and 24/7/365 operation, our Alpha FX Elite and Alpha FX Core processors are ideal for emergency response visualization systems. They support the largest number of displays, input sources, and IP streams of any similar device on the market.Alpha FX Elite & Alpha FX Core Video Wal Processors
  • Accepts and supports virtually any source – digital or analog, physical or IP
  • Windows 10 PC-based architecture
  • Native video and image rendering without expansion hardware
  • Accelerated graphics processing for incredible resolutions
Alpha FX Video Wall Processors

Commissioning, Integration, & Training

We work alongside architects and engineers to fully design every aspect of your video wall system. Through our detailed consultations, we will craft each unique aspect of the custom visualization solution that best meets your needs and requirements. Upon installation, we will train your team of operators to make the most out of your dynamic investment. We will then oversee the exact integration of your existing hardware and software into your system before a detailed commissioning process ensures every component is operating at peak efficiency.

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