Federal Agency Video Walls

Dynamic Collaboration for Federal Organizations

From the FBI to FEMA and even NASA – nearly every major federal entity uses Haivision systems to improve their 24/7 operations across the United States. With the proper visualization technology in place these organizations can easily and quickly share vital information with decision makers across their networks, all while reacting to developing situations.

Haivision designs and delivers complete video wall systems, including professional-grade displays, powerful processors, flexible content management software, and more. Your system can be fully installed and integrated at your location by our team of professionals. If you plan to use your system in a mobile environment we can provide training and certification programs to prepare your team to install and support our technology in the field. We also offer a variety of contract options to support the procurement needs of our federal customers.

Federal Security Operations

Use Cases

Security Operations Centers

Our visualization systems are used in Security Operations Centers (S0Cs) to uncover and address security issues as they arise throughout individual facilities within their organization.

Emergency Operations Center

Use Cases

Emergency Response Centers

Federal emergency operations centers across the country rely on real-time information from the scene of any incident(s) in order to make split-second decisions. Haivision solutions support standard ops centers as well as mobile, field-ready teams.

Stryke Lightning System 4x

Use Cases

Mobile Operations

Certain situations demand collaboration on the front lines. Mobile visualization systems streamline intelligence and communicate real-time updates for faster decision-making. Haivision’s portable solutions are built to set-up and break down quickly and easily and are built to serve both military and federal operations.

Benefits of Our Custom Solution

  • Increased and improved situational awareness
  • Display content from virtually any device or source
  • Share entire video walls with adjacent or network-connected locations in real-time
  • Work with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Doesn’t require advanced technical knowledge or programming experience
  • The Command 360 management platform is accessible with any PC or touchscreen enabled web browser
  • Built to serve mission-critical needs in vital operations
  • Ensure redundancy with expansion hardware designed to keep system functional and active in the unlikely event of hardware failure
  • Rely on redundant power supplies for displays and select processors
  • Create a shared operating dashboard in seconds
  • Access web-based applications directly through CineNet
  • Drag and drop content and data with a desktop or touchscreen device
  • Leverage secure optical switches, one-way fiber-optic video inputs, isolated processors, and more
  • Designed to fully isolate audio and video from NIPR, SIPR, and TS domains
  • Secure data visualization and conferencing in multi-domain environments
  • Access to latest features and updates as they are released
  • Gain the assurance of 24/7/365 phone support and priority on-site support
  • Take advantage of full maintenance and support through product life cycle

Never one size fits all

Custom Tailored to Your Unique Needs 

Our solutions are not designed to be one-size-fits-all. We carefully evaluate each customer’s activities, environment, and mission objectives to develop a solution meet to their specific needs. Below are some of the many areas we assess when create systems for federal operations centers. 

Display Considerations

  • Permanent or mobile setting
  • Ambient light in the environment
  • Spatial constraints of the location
  • Mounting preferences

Processor Considerations

  • Variety of devices that will be used as content sources
  • Number of content sources to be displayed concurrently
  • Number of video walls to support

Software Considerations

  • Number of team members expected to use the system at once
  • Desire for automated content rotation

Other Considerations

  • Preference to integrate audio, video conferencing, and any other additional systems
  • Desire to integrate existing environmental systems
  • Need to support secure multi-domain collaboration

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