Security Operations Center

Enhanced Incident Response Through Real-Time Collaborative Intelligence

Federal organizations, corporations, and private security firms all trust Haivision MCS visualization systems for their 24/7 security operations centers (SOCs). With a one of our custom solutions, your team can unite all of their informational sources and monitor them in real-time on a multi-HD video wall. Our user-friendly software provides complete content control and supports collaboration, allowing operators to focus on areas of interest and respond to incidents before they escalate.

Haivision designs and delivers complete visualization systems, including all necessary displays, processors, video wall software, and more. Your new system will be installed at your location and fully integrated into your environment.

What to Consider for Your Security Operations Center

SOCs are commonly tailored to the specific needs of their users. Operators use the space to gain a 360° view of all of their security tools. Any visualization system must integrate with the existing physical and technological structures, appease current and future workflows, and enhance the ability to retrieve and share visual information. Whether you’re transforming an existing space or building a SOC from the ground up, there are several factors to determine as you begin.

Multiple SOC locations

  • What is the decision-making hierarchy?
  • What do regional facilities need to communicate to global facilities?
  • Are workflows universal or specific to each location?

Integrating existing technology

  • Can you manage system hardware easily?
  • How often do you add new tools/systems?
  • How many different software systems does your staff currently utilize?

Staff rotation and acumen

  • How often does your staff rotate/change?
  • Do you have internal technical training?
  • How technically experienced is your average operator?

Physical space

  • Will you need multiple walls per location?
  • Do you need to make architectural changes to house a video wall?
  • How many operators will view the wall at once?

Collaboration Across Global Operations

A Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) is instrumental when coordinating large scale coordination across multiple countries and/or continents. GSOCs require direct access to the working dashboards of their regional SOCs to view a larger, holistic picture of occurrences at those locations at any given time.

Users can remotely access your video wall, manage content, push information, and share entire video walls in real-time to other operations centers, workstations, and remote employees. Our encryption protocols ensure your sensitive data is always secure as it moves across your distributed network.

One of the world’s largest social media companies trust Haivision systems with both their regional operations centers and GSOCs. During an incident, the local SOC is able to gather intelligence and securely share it with their corresponding global operations for collaborative analysis and decision-making. This ability to push an entire real-time video wall dashboard between operations centers is unparalleled in the visualization industry.

Secure and Scalable Architecture

Expansion hardware pieces like CineAgent and Command 360 Manager bring enhanced optimization to your SOC. With these devices, you can more effectively manage additional inputs and web-based applications with added layers of redundancy in the unlikely event that your Alpha FX processor becomes unavailable. CineAgent helps offload the computing demands from your video wall processor by running dedicated SAAS web-based applications in the foreground or background. Access these apps without loading times and operate them with full soft KVM controls from any touchscreen enabled browser.

What Does this Look Like?

All of this reliability is available for your SOC and thoroughly secured with encryption and SAML integration that cannot be matched among our competitors.

Haivision systems for SOCs are built to provide superior functionality for all your tools and applications with unmatched performance and more robust security than competing systems. With our visualization solutions, users can easily access all of the functionality of your video wall and control room operations from remote workstations or other operation centers within your network. Take a look at our webinar on the Distributed Control Room Model to see these capabilities in action.

System Component Considerations

A security operations visualization system must be able to integrate to a chosen Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software platform, a series of selected security applications, or a combination of both – our solutions are designed for this purpose. Our hardware and software allow users to access all of their secure systems across a common operating picture for total clarity and up-to-the-minute intelligence. This shared dashboard helps operators recognize incidents as they occur while reducing reaction time.

LED or LCD Displays?

LCD and LED displays are useful when displaying a variety of content, but SOCs typically benefit from LCD video walls over LEDs for a variety of reasons. Our CineView III LCD displays represent some of the best examples of these advantages over LED for SOC systems:

LCD & LED Display Panels

  • Video footage is best displayed at the higher resolution afforded to LCDs
  • Content feeds can fit within or around ultra-narrow bezels
  • Design isolates power supply and processing for easier access and service
  • 150,000+ hour Mean Time between Failure (MTBF) – 50,000 average hours over LED

More About CineView III LCD

Content & Device Control Management System

Command 360 software offers easy access to every piece of content across your operations center network. Designed for use by anyone, regardless of technical expertise, Command 360 lets users control their video wall on a browser-based platform through any PC or smart tablet.

Command 360 Video Wall Software

  • Manage 3rd party devices directly through Command 360
  • Easily push real-time content between facilities in seconds
  • Create your own custom layouts to arrange content on a situational basis
  • Easily integrates with security tools from Genetec, Avigilon, Milestone and many more

Explore Command 360

Reliable & Powerful Processing

Designed for mission-critical spaces and 24/7 operation, our Alpha FX Elite and Alpha FX Core processors are ideal for SOC visualization systems as they support the largest number of displays, input sources, and IP streams of any similar device on the market.


Alpha FX Elite & Alpha FX Core Video Wal Processors

  • Accepts and supports content from virtually any source – digital or analog, physical or IP
  • Windows 10 PC-based architecture
  • Native video and image rendering without expansion hardware
  • Accelerated graphics processing for incredible resolutions

Alpha FX Processors

Increased Content Flexibility

Organizations are establishing a network of SOCs throughout regions that are designed to monitor their domain and relay timely information to larger Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC) as needed. CineLink encoders push individual pieces of content or entire video wall dashboards to networked systems to facilitate decision-making and collaboration.


CineLink IP Encoders and Decoders

  • Enhanced remote work capabilities with secure encoding and decoding throughout all operations
  • Creates a flexible, scalable AV/IP platform
  • Share displays and dashboards in seconds
  • Routes virtually any content source (like workstations, laptops, and cameras) to any processor or display on your network

CineLink Encoders & Decoders

Commissioning, Integration, & Training

We work alongside architects and engineers to fully realize every aspect of your operations center. Through our consultations, we will design every aspect of the custom visualization solution that best suits your needs and requirements. Upon installation we train your team of operators to make the most out of your new investment. We then oversee the exact integration of your existing hardware and software into your system before a detailed commissioning process guarantees every component is operating at maximum efficiency.

McKesson Global Security Operations Center

In McKesson’s new Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), operators are using a Haivision video wall system to help analyze global risk and protect the company’s people, product, and property around the world.

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