Display Systems for Utilities Operations

24/7 Reliability for Utilities Management

When it comes to real-time system monitoring and operational oversight, public and private utilities across the U.S. depend on Haivision MCS solutions. Our systems are powered by industry leading hardware and software to visualize and manage SCADA systems through monitoring tools and analytics on seamless video walls. Command 360 software brings data in from multiple sources across an interactive dashboard to provide operators with a complete, real-time view of performance across all operations. When an event occurs, our intuitive software immediately helps operators make the crucial decisions needed to address the issue.

As a custom solutions provider, Haivision designs and delivers complete video wall solutions, including the displays, processors, software, and more. Your new system will be installed at your facility and integrated into your environment by our expert team.

Process Control Center

Use Cases

Process Control Centers

Utility and process management requires the 24/7 monitoring of critical systems where no detail can be overlooked. Our systems increase operator efficiency and productivity with the most dynamic common operating picture available. Asset management, status updates, and incident notifications are pushed directly to decision makers at a moment’s notice.

Network Operations Center

Use Cases

Network Operations Centers

Network operational health is vital to utility providers to guarantee a working infrastructure. With a Haivision video wall, teams can observe and monitor their network through comprehensive management tools across a visualized workspace with power and system redundancies in place to maintain operational efficiencies.

Utility Management Operations Center

Use Cases

Security Operations Center

When a security incident or breach occurs within any organization, response time is paramount. Haivision SOCs empower operators to address issues as they arise with verified information across a shared workspace. With this collaborative, visualized working environment, operators can make crucial decisions and immediately respond to problems before they escalate.

Benefits of Our Comprehensive Solution

  • Visualize network issues immediately
  • Enhance workflows through a centralized platform
  • Supply technicians with verified information
  • Easy-to-use touch interface controls
  • Swap through custom layouts on the fly
  • No programming knowledge required for advanced operation
  • Monitor unfolding developments in real-time
  • Relay vital information to key stakeholders immediately
  • Push all necessary information to the appropriate operator in seconds
  • Leverage secure optical switches, one-way fiber-optic video inputs, isolated processors and more
  • Architecture fully isolates audio and video from NIPR, SIPR, and TS domains
  • Secure visualization and conferencing in multi-domain environments
  • Support through product lifecycle with GuardianCare
  • 24/7 phone support and priority on-site support
  • Access to latest software features and updates
  • Continuous development ensures cutting-edge tech
  • Simple, one-time licensing
  • Hardware and software built with redundancies for non-stop performance

System Support and Stability

NOCs, SOCs, and Process Control centers must be fully operational 24/7. In order to protect the stability of these mission-critical centers our video wall systems are customized to specific client needs with multiple fail safes and redundancies. Backup power supplies and software and hardware routines are designed to keep crucial system functions running in the unlikely event of equipment failure or loss.

In addition, our GuardianCare program provides ongoing support for your system with our team of experts. We will help you leverage your technology investment to its maximum potential with system and software upgrades. As a GuardianCare member, you can relax knowing that your critical systems and data are secure and supported by our dedicated team, 24/7/365.

Never one size fits all

Custom Tailored to Your Unique Needs

At Haivision, we don’t see one-size-fits-all solutions. Through a consultative approach, we carefully evaluate your activities, environment, and business objectives to design the best system to fit your specific requirements.

Display Considerations

  • Resolution requirements
  • Typical ambient light
  • Spatial constraints
  • Desire for touch interactivity
  • Mounting preferences

Processor Considerations

  • Variety of devices that will be used as content sources
  • Quantity of content sources that will be displayed concurrently
  • Number and size of video walls to be supported

Software Considerations

  • Number of users who will be operating the system at once
  • Desire for automatic content rotation
  • Interest in custom features or integration

Other Considerations

  • Desire to integrate audio equipment or additional systems
  • Desire to integrate existing environmental systems
  • Aesthetic and branding concerns

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