Considerations for Establishing a Multi-Site Video Wall

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The use of video walls to establish situational awareness for visual collaboration and critical-decision making has grown in popularity. Mainly because the tiled displays and software that powers them provide organizations with a real-time common operating picture of content arranged on screen to fit an organization’s visualization needs.

Video wall solutions have historically been limited to a single site or room. However, advancements in technology, deployable networks, and video distribution make it possible to share content from various sources (or enclaves) at one site to additional sites. This creates a multi-site, multi-enclave setup.

Oftentimes source content at the main operations center is governed by different security classification levels than remote sites. While Department of Defense (DoD) security policies define the methods and restrictions for transporting and displaying content across DoD systems, there are perceived coordination issues for enforcing data separation requirements across varying network security domains. As a result, there is slow adoption of data distribution across visualization systems at multiple sites.

Below we’ve outlined the three primary areas of security focus for transitioning content from single to multi-site visualization:

  1. All content transport must be over standard IP networks and compliant with the security requirements for low-to-high classification data transmission.
  2. A compliant one-way information flow device must be in place to ensure that no data flows from a higher security classification to a lower security classification.
    • This is commonly called a “data diode” and is effectively a “transmit only” connection from low to high.
  3. The solution must not require transport, discovery, or session initiation methods beyond those used in commonly available encoders and decoders.
    • Discovery and session initiation methods shouldn’t require a two-way information flow.

These three constraints are met using standard streaming encoders.

Download our white paper Multi-Site Multi-Enclave Distribution Best Practices to learn more about the data separation security policy requirements for using a video wall with varying content sources at multiple sites.

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