Visual Collaboration Aids in Public Safety

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Situational awareness and critical visualization are more than simply seeing what’s happening around you. An emergency responder must capture clues and cues in the emergency environment, make sense of the information, and predict what will happen next. In this article, we’ll spotlight how the Cleveland, Ohio Emergency Operations Center (EOC) utilizes Haivision technology for real-time visual collaboration to aid in public safety.

Improving Real-Time Visualization

The Cleveland Department of Public Safety’s EOC serves as a command post that enables the city to safely host major planned and unplanned events. The EOC also assists public safety personnel with incident response when a threat is detected.

Without a visual collaboration platform to support the sharing and monitoring of real-time information, Cleveland’s EOC required a significant update in anticipation of hosting the Republican National Convention. With federal funding allocated to the project, the city’s Public Safety Department selected Haivision to power its new state-of-the-art EOC.

Haivision Technology Powers Collaboration

Cleveland Dept of Public Safety

The Cleveland EOC features an 8×2 arrangement of 16 55” LCD displays. Haivision Video Wall Management Software and an Alpha FX Processor are paired with the displays to deliver processing, rendering, media playback, and content management. With Haivision technology in place, the EOC can access and display video feeds from over 1,500 city cameras in real-time.

The video wall in the EOC adds another layer of functionality for visualization and critical decision-making. Agency partners with their own video and surveillance systems, can access massive amounts of visual data around the clock allowing them to collaborate in a meaningful way and determine the best course of action in any situation.

Enabling an Effective, Efficient, and Coordinated Response

Coordination between agencies is critical but not always easy. Depending on the event, there are as many as 20 agency representatives in the EOC, from the FBI to the Coast Guard. Haivision technology lays the foundation for a common operating picture amongst the team by allowing a range of content to be displayed.

Visualization systems are vital to the work of public safety operations. Our solutions help first responders make mission-critical decisions in Real Time Crime Centers (RTCCs), Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs), and Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) across the country.  Learn more about how the City of Cleveland EOC utilizes Haivision solutions to maintain public safety, ensuring the right people have visual access to the right information at the right time.

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