Critical Visualization for Enterprise Cybersecurity Operations

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Legato Security, an enterprise cybersecurity firm headquartered in Utah, provides its wide range of customers with comprehensive cybersecurity expertise and managed security services. Real-time visual collaboration and situational awareness is a critical function of the firm’s Security Operations Center, which operates 24/7 to monitor client data and network traffic, and if needed, actively mitigate security events.

In this article, we’ll introduce how Haivision helped Legato Security standardize its cybersecurity operations and foster collaboration by collating a variety of data inputs for visualization on a single technology platform.

Cybersecurity Ops in a Rapidly Changing Environment

Prior to implementing a Haivision video wall solution, the Legato SOC utilized a series of independent monitors mounted to the wall. With visual monitoring delays and lack of transparency needed to address threats to client data, Legato Security risked negative impact on delivery of services and client satisfaction. Realizing the critical need for an advanced visual collaboration solution, Legato Security collaborated with Haivision to customize and install a video wall system that would enhance information security monitoring for their clients.

Customized, Comprehensive, Fully Integrated Video Wall Solution

Legato Security Operators and Video Wall

The Legato Security SOC houses a Haivision 6×2 video wall which includes 12 55” LCD monitors powered by CineNet video wall management software, an Alpha FX Edge processor, CineLink Encoder and two CineAgent Servers. This combination of software and hardware helps the SOC staff capture, select, control, and display all necessary content for critical decision-making.

Ease-of-Use and Advanced Controls

With Haivision visual collaboration technology in place, Legato SOC analysts value CineNet’s:

  • Intuitive browser-based user interface
    SOC analysts can quickly customize the display wall in response to dynamic security needs and setup tracking alerts for security events.
  • Ease-of-use
    Eliminates the need for programming or extensive training and creates a smooth onboarding process for new analysts.

Read more about how Legato Security’s Haivision video wall system has helped address cybersecurity operations challenges by providing immediate access to critical information. This increased visibility ensures transparency around critical data and immediate attention to events for their clients.

Haivision designs and delivers complete visualization systems. This includes all necessary displays, processors, video wall software, and more for security operation centers in a variety of markets. Whether your organization is transforming an existing space or building a SOC from the ground up, there are several factors to consider up front.

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