Dynamic Video Walls for Higher Education

Collaborative Work and Research with the Ultimate Visualization System

Haivision MCS video wall systems are utilized in colleges and universities across the country. Our custom solutions produce industry-leading visual performance with the most powerful processing and rendering on the market. These capabilities, combined with the industry leading and easy-to-use Command 360 software interface, deliver a solution that can enhance research, drive student engagement, or provide dynamic peer collaboration.

Haivision designs and delivers your complete video wall solution – including displays, video processors, software, and more. We will work directly with your organization to develop the solution that best meets and exceeds your unique needs and requirements. Your new system will also be fully installed and integrated into your environment by our professional team.

Visualization Lab for Higher Ed

Use Cases

Visualization Labs

With powerful processing capabilities and real-time 3D rendering hardware all accessed directly through the Command 360 UI, Haivision MCS visualization systems are ideal for labs that need to fully realize complex designs on a shared digital dashboard. 

Higher Education Touchscreen Video Wall

Use Cases

Research Facilities

Universities and colleges use Haivision technology to create a fully collaborative research environment, allowing teams to access, share, manipulate, and natively host visual data. The powerful Alpha FX processing platform renders ultra-high-res images in real-time, significantly improving team efficiency.

Security Operations

Use Cases

Security Operations Centers

Security operations for campuses around the country depend on Haivision video walls to bring their IP cameras and security systems into one, singular view of all security operations and responses.

Benefits of Our Custom Solution

  • Drive student and peer collaboration
  • Promote team building across a shared, visual dashboard
  • Access content through desktops or touchscreen devices
  • Deliver presentations on an unparalleled video platform
  • Enhance delivered materials with slide transitions, custom labels, automatic timing, and more
  • Access entire systems, utilize custom layouts, and leave the space ready for the next group at the push of a button
  • Easy-to-use interface for all students and faculty
  • Custom layouts can be created and displayed in seconds
  • No programming knowledge required for advanced use
  • Handles massive files at full resolution
  • Display HD and 4K sources, ultra-high-res video, and more
  • Manipulate 3D models from touchscreen devices
  • Capture and display content from virtually any device
  • Connect physical or IP sources for easy on-wall streaming
  • Students and researchers can utilize nearly any device they bring with the video wall itself
  • Entire product life-cycle support through GuardianCare
  • Access latest software features and updates
  • 24/7/365 phone support and priority on-site support

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