Kennesaw State Unveils New Academic Learning Center

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University System of Georgia Board of Regents, members of the Georgia State Legislature, and KSU faculty, staff, and students were on hand at the unveiling of KSU’s new five-story, state-of-the art Academic Learning Center (ALC) on February 23. The ALC will serve as a unique student-focused space for convenient access to various departments, resources, and support services.

KSU Learning Center
The Learning Centers ribbon cutting ceremony was followed by a tour of the new building which included demonstrations of Haivision’s interactive video wall and wall management software displaying KSU content. The video wall system, housed in the University’s Office of Undergraduate Research, is an open resource for students to enhance research capabilities, as well as to encourage and facilitate collaboration across KSU’s two campuses.
KSU Ribbon Cutting
CineNet Video Wall Software
“The Haivision video wall solution will give our students and staff a new approach to collaboration and presenting our research in an innovative way,” said Amy Buddie, KSU Director of Undergraduate Research and Professor of Psychology. “I’m excited that we can now visualize varying aspects of research content all at once across our campuses.”

The Haivision visual technology solution at KSU’s Learning Center includes a mix of software and hardware that works cohesively to bring research content to life:

  • A 5×3 tiled arrangement of LCD panels
  • CineNetTM Video Wall Management Software gives users complete control over how content is visually displayed
  • Alpha FX Core Video Wall Processor enables users to display and share content across their network in real-time
  • Video teleconferencing capabilities and wireless mics create a seamless visual collaboration experience
  • CineLink 4 Encoders make it easy to connect varying content sources (like workstations, laptops, and cameras) to any video wall processor or display on the network
  • CineAgent Server gives users the ability to stream, interact with, and share any web, locally installed, or virtual content across the network
KSU Video Wall

Haivision video wall systems are utilized in colleges and universities across the country. We are committed to delivering customized solutions that can enhance research, drive student engagement, and enable dynamic peer collaboration. Contact us today for a free project consultation.

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