Haivision’s Video Wall Solutions Support Mission-Critical Decisions 

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The most powerful visualization solutions are developed with the end user in mind. Haivision’s visual collaboration platform for mission-critical decisions is built upon rigorous security standards with attention to the user experience at every touchpoint. Here we share our customers’ experience leveraging Haivision video wall technology to establish situational awareness in their operation or command center environments.

Visualization In a Matter of Seconds

Rapid response time is a key pillar in many scenarios, from emergency response to cybersecurity to defense missions. Haivision’s technology is not only quick and easy to deploy at the onset, but it seamlessly provides real-time visibility across countless content sources. This is all underscored by defense-grade security.

“Our Haivision video wall system has helped us address challenges around immediate access to critical information and transparency of critical data and events for our clients. The system’s ease-of-use and quick access to critical information are valued enhancements over our old system.” – Jen Greulich, Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Security Operations, Legato Security

Tailored to Fit Customer Needs

Command and operation center staff continuously strive to improve visibility and streamline decision-making. We work alongside our customers to help them develop a scalable, comprehensive solution that helps them responds in mission-critical environments. The solution includes displays, system management software, and video processors.

“We communicated the dimensions of our space and worked with Haivision in an iterative process to understand and evaluate our needs until we collectively landed on a tailored solution.” – Tom Boyden, Co-founder and CEO, Legato Security

Limited Training Required

In many cases, the overall benefit of the video wall comes down to more than the technology itself. Any technology-based solution relies on the knowledge of those who use it. Training personnel to successfully operate a new system while responding to urgent situations isn’t always easy – or even possible.  Security, scalability, and usability are the three tenets of Haivision’s solutions. For multi-site and geographically distributed teams, it’s especially important that systems are easy and intuitive to use, without the need for extensive training.

“We’re really happy with the Haivision solution; it functions extremely well and it’s easy for our technicians to operate and maintain it.” – Fred Szabo, Emergency Manager for the Cleveland Emergency Operations Center, City of Cleveland Department of Public Safety

The Right Information, Exactly When You Need It

Making rapid, effective decisions isn’t about having all the information – it’s about having the right information. Haivision’s video wall technology delivers content through a dynamic platform. It allows operators to reorganize, replace, or remove visual information to match the organization’s needs from moment to moment.

“This new system allows for a more streamlined display of content along with the ability to change content in seconds depending on what is needed in that exact moment for the incident at hand – which is crucial for Emergency Management and Public Safety situations that are always changing.” – Elaney Katsafanas, Emergency Management Planner, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Emergency Operations Center

Haivision’s visual collaboration platform Command 360 enables mission-critical operations for enterprise, defense, and public safety teams. Operators can quickly see and respond to urgent situations such as cybersecurity breaches, defense missions, and public emergencies. For an in-depth look into our customers’ success stories, check out our archive of case studies.

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