Federal Emergency Response

Collaborative Dashboards for Federal Response

Federal emergency management operations rely on Haivision visualization systems to bring in various sources of content, information, and news to help them increase the speed and efficiency of critical decision-making and actions. FEMA and similar agencies need to work in tandem with other federal, state, and/or local agencies when coordinating disaster response. These situations demand a visualization system for their operations centers that easily provides a shared common operating picture for all users and first responders.

Haivision designs and delivers complete visualization systems, including all necessary video wall displays, processors, content management software, and more. Your Haivision system can be installed at your location and fully integrated into your environment by our experts.

What to Consider for Your Emergency Management Facility

A near endless stream of information from disparate sources can flood modern emergency management facilities in the wake of a disaster. First responders need to efficiently parse through the incoming data to inform calculated decisions around personnel and resources. When planning your federal emergency response facility, there are several factors regarding staff, services, and construction layout to consider.


  • What emergency function do you serve?
  • What forms of communication do you have with units in the field?
  • What agencies are involved during incidents?

Integrating existing technology

  • Can you manage system hardware easily?
  • How often do you add new tools/systems?
  • Are tools/applications department specific?

Staff rotation and acumen

  • How often does your staff rotate/change?
  • Do you have internal technical training?
  • How technically experienced is your average operator?

Physical space

  • Will you need multiple walls per location?
  • Do you need to make architectural changes to house a video wall?
  • How many operators will view the wall at once?

Interagency Collaboration

Emergency response centers are facilitated by the ability to collaborate with both federal and local agencies as needed. Natural disasters, public health crises, and man-made calamities require multi-department coordination. Haivision systems make it easy for your operations to communicate with local, state, or other federal agencies as necessary.

The Command 360 software platform makes collaborative administration over any visualized workspace simple. With minimal training, any operator can efficiently push content from their workstation to video walls and back again instantly. This means that you won’t suffer any detrimental downtime when disparate agencies need to utilize your space for interagency operations.

Mobile Emergency Response

The decisions regarding emergency situations do not always take place back at static FEMA centers. Mobile operations are often deployed to help expand the common operating picture to the scene of an emergency. These mobile facilities require visualization solutions that are built to withstand field operations, but also connect to and provide similar capabilities of the systems back at the main response centers.  

To meet those needs, we’ve introduced the Stryke processor line. These ruggedized video wall processors are made to serve a host of displays at the scene or work in tandem with a series of Haivision displays built to accompany your Stryke out into the field. 

System Component Considerations

Federal emergency management facilities must be able to receive intelligence through a vast number of sources. These sources range from incident recognition software to HD video feeds, call center responses, and alert systems. Our technology allows you to bring all possible input sources together for quick and easy access and assessment. The real-time situational intelligence gained through the common operating picture is priceless when it comes to informing first responders. Assuring you have the right equipment in your collaborative solution is paramount.

LED or LCD Displays?

Every response center functions differently, but given the likely high volume of video footage that will be reviewed in your center, we tend to recommend LCD displays for your video wall. Our CineView III LCD displays represent some of the best examples of these advantages over LED displays for emergency response:

Video Wall LCD & LED Display Panels

  • Video footage is best displayed at the higher resolution afforded to LCDs
  • Content feeds can display within or around ultra-narrow bezels
  • Design isolates power supply and processing for easier access and service
  • 150,000+ hour Mean Time between Failure (MTBF) – 50,000 average hours over LED

Learn About CineView III

Content & Device Control Management System

Command 360 software  allows operators complete access to any piece of content available on your network. Designed for anyone to use, regardless of technical expertise, Command 360 lets users control their video wall on a browser-based platform through any PC or smart tablet.

Command 360 Software Interface

  • Manage third party devices directly through the interface
  • Push real-time content easily and instantly between workstations
  • Create unlimited custom layouts to arrange content on a situational basis
  • Integrates with Crisis Information Management Software (CIMS) platforms

Learn About Command 360

Reliable & Powerful Processing

Designed for mission-critical, 24/7/365 operations, our Alpha FX Processors  are ideal for emergency response centers. They support a larger number of displays, input sources, and IP streams of any comparable device on the market.

Alpha FX Elite & Alpha FX Core Video Wal Processors

  • Supports virtually any content source, including digital or analog, physical or IP
  • Built on a Windows 10 PC-based architecture
  • Provides native video and image rendering without expansion hardware
  • Delivers accelerated graphics processing for incredible resolution

Alpha FX Processors

Commissioning, Integration, & Training

We work alongside architects and engineers to fully design every aspect of your video wall system. Through our detailed consultations, we will craft each unique aspect of the custom visualization solution that best meets your needs and requirements. Upon installation, we will train your team of operators to make the most out of your dynamic investment. We will then oversee the exact integration of your existing hardware and software into your system before a detailed commissioning process ensures every component is operating at peak efficiency.

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