ATOMIZED and CineMassive Partner to Create Next Gen Marketing Platform

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ATLANTA, GA (Marketwired – Aug. 10, 2015) — Atomized, the first campaign management tool designed for omni-channel creative asset management and visualization, has announced a partnership with CineMassive, an industry leader in high-performance video wall solutions. Both companies are based in Atlanta. The synthesis of Atomized’s software with CineMassive’s video wall system creates a high-resolution interactive “command center” for creative asset management.

Through the new partnership, CineMassive’s video wall system provides a powerful processing platform and a massive interactive display surface for Atomized’s cloud-based visual content calendar. By leveraging Atomized software on a CineMassive video wall system, marketers can unite previously scattered creative assets in a central visualization space and can dynamically interact with these assets at the touch of a finger.

“The list of marketing formats is rapidly expanding, but the teams tasked with developing these assets are staying the same size. Manual methods of managing creative assets are only a temporary fix,” said Chris Gomersall, CEO of Atomized. “Technology has increased the efficiency of ad delivery, but advertisers are still using printouts, spreadsheets, and workarounds to manage their ad creative. Our software allows marketers to visualize all of their creative executions in one place, and now, through this partnership with CineMassive, they’ll be able to see these manifestations on one elegant, ultra-high-resolution visual display.”

By using Atomized and CineMassive technology to display and manage a complete schedule of campaigns, marketers can maintain a unified brand voice and deliver a consistent message across all marketing channels. This centralized system also promotes fluid collaboration since the video wall’s large interactive display surface eliminates the need to huddle around a computer.

“Major advertisers are responsible for large quantities of assets scattered across multiple channels, and managing this content can become overwhelming,” said CineMassive Co-Founder Robert Kaufman. “Aggregating these assets and accessing them from a unified platform gives teams the complete perspective they need to intelligently ideate, plan, and compare campaigns. The primary mission of CineMassive’s video wall solutions is to unite data in an interactive space where users can see the ‘big-picture’ and solve problems collaboratively — so our technology naturally complements Atomized’s unified cross-platform campaign management. When CineMassive visualization technology is combined with Atomized software, it creates a next-generation marketing tool.”

About Atomized
Atomized is a first-of-its-kind dynamic cloud-based visual content calendar for brand marketers and their agencies. Its patent-pending technology captures every cross-screen and cross-platform creative execution for a campaign in one elegant, central repository. Atomized helps marketers more efficiently manage their creative planning and deployment and optimize their campaign performance across all current and emerging media channels‎ while still maintaining a unified voice.

About CineMassive
Founded in 2005, CineMassive is an industry leader in delivering innovative, high-performance video wall solutions for business-critical and mission-critical applications. As both manufacturer and integrator, CineMassive designs, builds, and tests all of its own hardware and software and provides complete integration and support for its systems. This end-to-end approach enables CineMassive to develop customized, purpose-built visualization solutions. CineMassive has provided video wall systems for every branch of the US Armed Services, the Pentagon, NASA, leading research universities, major broadcasters, and Fortune 500 companies. For more information, please visit our home page.

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