5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Conference Room

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It doesn’t take much for a conference room to become a stagnant workspace that damages productivity more than it helps. However, with the right investment, a conference room can add immeasurable value by bringing new and dynamic functionality to your team. Take a look at some of the examples below to see how.

1 – Stand Up Incident Response Center

In the age of hacks, social media, and whatever mother nature decides to throw your way it’s certain corporate teams will respond to a critical event. Adding a video wall processor allows conference rooms to flip into crisis management from presentation in a heartbeat. Even small scale processors like the Alpha FX Edge have the same features used by DoD Command to observe, orient, decide and act during situations!

2 – Multi Viewing

Capitalize on the benefits of a video wall processor even without a video wall. With just a single large-format LCD imagine being able to place 4, 5, or even 20 sources across a 4K screen. Processors introduce a level of freedom for placing content on your screen, be it one or many sources. You can even go as far as replicating these views across multiple displays or allowing each to show unique content within the conference room.

3 – Annotations

Smart Boards and large touchscreens have a place in conference rooms, no doubt about it. However, some drawbacks include user training (techno-phobia) and limited sources. Control interfaces like CineNet can eliminate the need for high-cost smart boards in lieu of annotating from a tablet. The experience has a natural feel to the user and allows any content to be annotated on screen.

4 – Brand Awareness

Worried your conference room will get overlooked? We’ve all seen blank screens in a conference room, so what if they could do more? A video wall processor can host images and video files through the user interface, allowing slide shows when the system isn’t in use. This is great brand awareness when visitors are touring your office or waiting before a meeting!

5 – Real-Time Collaboration

Modern video wall processors can output to VTC solutions like the Cisco Room Kit for sending visual information to remote callers. Solutions like CineNet enable desktop streaming to the processor from a laptop, with the ability to select the application or screen for sharing. Streaming out from the processor can be equally useful, so meetings can be viewed anywhere on the network. The applications of a robust video wall processor are nearly endless. Dynamic information, collaborative communications, and an interface that’s easy to use can all work in harmony to make your conference room more powerful and necessary than ever before.

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