Stryke Lightning: Customer-Inspired Portable Collaboration

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Haivision has had the privilege of designing both expeditionary and permanent visual collaboration systems for several US military operations over the years, including the US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). This organization has unique requirements for information visualization to support units across diverse environments. These range from large scale fixed operations centers to forward deployed joint operations centers (JOCs). Special forces execute downrange command and control for teams “at the tip of the spear” who set up tactical operations centers (TOCs) and forward operating bases (FOBs). Therefore, they require portable collaboration technology.

Haivision developed the Stryke processor to meet such mission critical needs. This new product enabled small tactical teams to hand carry a video processing and control solution on the move. The Stryke processor integrated easily with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) displays or projectors for quick standup of an FOB or TOC. This allowed warfighters to quickly access a full visualization solution that packed into a single, man-portable Pelican case. After deploying this solution for multiple teams, USASOC asked Haivision to design a more comprehensive solution with multiple large screen displays built to be just as mobile and rugged.

Haivision’s engineering and design team ultimately developed a portable collaboration and visualization system exceeding the customer’s needs. The final product provides maximum viewability, processing power, efficient assembly, intuitive content management, and ruggedized encasement, all with minimal effort to deploy.

The Stryke Lightning is Born

The first iteration of what became the Stryke Lightning included USASOC’s three sets of two 65” auto-rise video displays in ruggedized cases. The accompanying Alpha FX Stryke Core Kits provided video processing power and included CineNet content control software.

The success of these initial units easily met the stringent time and space constraints of USASOC’s mission critical operations. Haivision’s design team knew the product offered practical benefits for other highly mobile operations. The Stryke Lightning then evolved from an ad hoc design requirement to a mobile collaboration platform unlike anything available today.

The Complete Mobile Collaboration Package

The Stryke Lightning now includes a 75” LCD monitor, an Alpha FX Stryke processor loaded with CineNet control software, and all necessary cables and connectors. This field-ready unit contains everything required for immediate deployment in a fully motorized, ruggedized pop-up case. The system can be set up or disassembled in moments by one person without tools. Eliminating the need for operators to cobble together disparate AV equipment, monitors, and cables significantly reduces the opportunity for error or delay.

Depending on specific requirements, organizations can expand the system configuration with up to three additional 75” displays. There are also optional accessory packages such as audio, video teleconference, (4) source video extender, as well as spare parts packages.

This portable collaboration system is ideal for portable TOCs, JOCs,  network operations centers (NOCs), security operations centers (SOCs), combat operations information centers (COICs), and more. The Stryke Lightning is scalable to fit any operation and, like all our systems, is backed by our 24/7/365 GuardianCare technical support. True collaborative visualization is now more mobile than ever before!

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