Video Walls Enhance Sports Team Operations

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Professional sports franchises have utilized video walls to enhance their team operations and practices for a few years now. Visualization systems were initially brought in to retrofit draft room operations. The success of these systems led other divisions within professional franchises to start using the rooms for their own purposes. These collaborative digital dashboards helped to enhance a team’s public relations, coaching, and executive management operations.

Now, professional sports team management and administration are harnessing the power of a dedicated visualization system in an entirely new space – the team operations room.

Stadiums, racetracks, arenas, and team organizations are utilizing video walls and collaboration software to empower their operations teams with the tools necessary to ensure that all team sponsored events go off without a hitch. These operational spaces typically focus on security and facility management during games, concerts, races, and other stadium events. By combining the incoming feeds of security systems, tools, and cameras into one common operating picture, security personnel and events management can work with the same information to make the best decision possible when something arises.

Through these video wall systems, operators can quickly display post-event analysis metrics for comparison and improvement. Coaches, management, and team ownership conduct play-by-play reviews as needed. The video walls themselves are often used to host custom content for executive meetings or sponsored events. Even marketing teams make use of these spaces to send, receive, and host content with clients.

Outside of regular game-day operations, these spaces are also used for a wide range of additional events. Stadiums and arenas often host visitors, VIPs, and non-sports related events throughout the year, and these operations rooms serve as a focal point to monitor security and utilities during such occasions. The widespread adoption of this technology across professional sports is evidence of what the right solution can do to enhance operations. The value of the right video wall powered by intuitive, but easily approachable, control software cannot be understated. The investment initially made for draft rooms is clearly applicable for all sports’ team operations.

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