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No matter the market, organizations that rely on multiple control rooms don’t always get the opportunity to build those control spaces at the same time. All too often, one may go up one year with another built out sometime later. Enough years down the road, and you wind up with several control rooms that run off separate technology. When your hardware and software all come from different sources or operate with other versions, you wind up making collaboration and communication more difficult between these control rooms.

In the world of Public Safety, a city might build a Real Time Crime Center one year then an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) sometime later. If the EOC can’t push the right dashboard content to the Crime Center, the effectiveness of these facilities suffers.

A commercial organization might build a series of Network Operations Centers (NOCs) or Security Operations Centers (SOCs) over several years. As they grow and begin to focus on collaborating between these facilities, countless issues might stand in the way depending on the technology powering each facility.

If you have the chance to build out your entire network of control rooms at the same time, standardizing everything under one technology platform might seem like a no-brainer – and you’re right. By keeping your control room spaces aligned with the same technology and hardware, you can easily share content and data between disparate geographical areas when the need arises. Quick collaboration and communication are vital in the Public Safety world when various departments need to share information to keep everyone on the same page. The same is true for SOCs and NOCs when operators responding to incidents in one part of the globe need to share content with operators that are countries or continents away.

If you have multiple facilities built out over several years, upgrading to a standard platform across all control rooms is an investment that might seem daunting. However, the streamlined collaboration between these spaces will pay off in dividends for years and years to come. Contact us today to find out how our scalable, custom solutions can benefit your organization both today and in the future.

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