The 6 Highest-Resolution Video Walls in the World: Digital Signage Edition

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Whether or not we realize it, video walls have become a part of our daily lives. Digital signage video walls can be found just about anywhere, from shopping malls and office buildings to art museums. Serving as information displays, advertising platforms, and even elements of design, these displays are designed for maximum visual impact – and are some of the most massive, highest-resolution video walls in the world.

It’s worth noting that in the world of video walls, bigger does not always mean higher-resolution. That’s because video walls are built using a wide range of technologies and different technologies produce different pixel density, or resolution. In fact, many of the largest video walls, like the colossal outdoor displays that light up Times Square, produce far lower resolutions than smaller, indoor video walls. Since most outdoor signage is designed to be viewed from a distance, pixel density is less important for these displays. For indoor video walls though, resolution can make all the difference.

In our list, we’ve ranked each video wall according to its total resolution: a number determined both by the pixel density of the technology and by the size of the video wall itself. Now, let’s take a look at six of the most ultra-high-resolution digital signage video walls in the world!

Comcast Video Wall#6 Comcast Experience Video Wall

Location: Comcast Center, Philadelphia
Total Resolution: 10 million pixels
Technology: LED
Manufacturers / Contributors: Barco

Located in the main public lobby of the Comcast Center in Philadelphia, the Comcast Experience Video Wall is a breathtaking, high-definition centerpiece. Over 83 feet wide and 25 feet tall, the video wall features an unusual shape that accommodates three large corridors and visually integrates the system into the architectural design of the space. Claimed to be the world’s largest four millimeter LED video wall, this Barco video wall system is comprised of 6,771 LED modules and displays an impressive total of 10 million pixels. The Comcast Experience Video Wall plays custom-filmed footage of natural landscapes and urban environments, creating a sweeping, immersive effect.

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David Hockney Exhibition Video Wall#5 David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition

Location: de Young Museum, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Total Resolution: 37 million pixels
Technology: LCD
Manufacturers / Contributors: NEC Display

Located in the de Young Museum in San Francisco, this stunning, 37 million pixel video wall provides a dramatic, high-impact platform for the work of a famous artist. The 6×3 display of 55” NEC LCD panels was originally part of a large installation of fourteen displays of various dimensions. The displays were commissioned for David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition, an installation of famed British artist David Hockney’s latest video art and drawings. Opening in October 2013, the exhibition drew widespread attention and praise for its awe-inspiring expression of Hockney’s art. Although the show concluded in January 2014, the extraordinary popularity of the installation prompted the museum to keep the 6×3 video wall as a permanent exhibit.

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IAC Video WAll#4 IAC Video Wall

Location: IAC Headquarters, Manhattan
Total Resolution: +44 million pixels, 7.3 million pixels
Technology: Laser Phosphor Display
Manufacturers / Contributors: Prysm

Located in the Frank Gehry-designed IAC Headquarters in Manhattan, the IAC Video Wall is as striking and innovative as the building that houses it. This massive display is actually composed of two separate Prysm video walls. Spanning 1200 square feet, the West Wall displays over 44 million pixels, while the 200 square foot East Wall displays 7.3 million pixels. The displays leverage Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology, in which laser light engines activate phosphors to produce an image. LPD has been celebrated as a “green technology” due to its comparatively low energy usage. These high-impact video walls display media that celebrates IAC’s brands and customer experience.

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McCarran Airport Video Wall#3 McCarran International Airport Video Wall

Location: McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas
Total Resolution: +207 million pixels
Technology: LCD
Manufacturers / Contributors: Samsung, Haivision

In McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, a 627 square foot video wall serves as a stunning advertising platform that captivates and delights travelers. The colossal video wall system, designed and built by Haivision, is composed of 100 Samsung LCD panels and delivers over 207 million pixels. Leveraging Haivision’s powerful processing and rendering system, the near-seamless LCD canvas delivers crisp, pixel-perfect images and can even display 4K content. Strategically mounted to face arriving passengers throughout their 45-second ride down the Concourse D escalator, this ultra-high-resolution display ensures that advertising content is delivered with maximum impact and reaches the maximum audience.

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Westfield Shopping Center Video Wall#2 Westfield Stratford City Shopping Center Video Wall

Location: Westfield Stratford City Shopping Center, London
Total Resolution: +250 million pixels (125 million pixels per side)
Technology: LCD
Manufacturers / Contributors: Samsung, Esprit Digital

Westfield Stratford City, Britain’s third-largest shopping center, is home to a number of high-resolution LCD displays, most notably an expansive double-sided video wall. The system was designed and built by Esprit Digital and consists of 102 Samsung LCD panels (51 panels on each side). Claimed to be the highest-resolution LCD video wall in Europe, it delivers over 125 million pixels per side for a combined total of over 250 million pixels. The massive double-sided display is strategically mounted outside of the popular John Lewis department store, where it delivers high-definition advertising content to the throngs of shoppers that visit West Stratford City each day.

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Suntec Video Wall#1 The Big Picture Video Wall

Location: Suntec Exhibition and Convention Center, Singapore
Total Resolution: +254 million pixels
Technology: LED
Manufacturers / Contributors: LG Display, Dataton

Taking the lead as the highest-resolution video wall in the world today, the colossal “Big Picture” video wall is located in the Singapore’s Suntec Exhibition and Convention Center. At over 194 feet wide and nearly 50 feet tall, this mammoth video wall system is composed of 664 LG flat panel LED displays and delivers a stunning 254 million pixels. The display is strategically located next to a number of escalators and is visible from the first, second, and third levels of the building. Leveraging a Dataton processing and playback system and an integrated RFID tracking system, the “Big Picture” can display a single source of content across the entire wall or target passengers on the escalators with specific advertising content.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some of the world’s most astounding high-resolution digital signage video walls. New video walls are built every day and continue to push the boundaries of ultra-high-resolution technology. Stay tuned as this exciting technology continues to transform the spaces where we live, learn, work, and shop!

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