Introducing Haivision Command 360

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We’re excited to unveil Haivision Command 360, our next-generation platform built to address today’s visual collaboration challenges for defense, government, enterprise and public safety organizations.

Created to aid in response to critical scenarios

The Command 360 platform is the result of years of advanced visualization expertise. We conducted hundreds of in-depth conversations with real-world users experienced in responding to a variety of critical scenarios – from crowd safety to cyber security – in the most demanding environments, including combat command centers, global security operation centers, cyber-security response centers, network operation centers, real-time crime centers, and joint emergency response centers.

Scale quickly and collaborate seamlessly

Command 360 software allows enterprise, defense, and public safety teams to visualize and dynamically respond to urgent situations faster than ever before. These types of organizations face ever-increasing pressure to collaborate seamlessly across a range of locations. Command 360 is designed to effortlessly scale from a centralized operations center to support remote or portable systems and geographically distributed multi-site locations with no impact on performance. The platform also streams nearly any kind of content, from any signal format using almost any device, making visual collaboration easier.

Command 360 Video Wall Software Ecosystem

Command 360’s open architecture provides seamless integration with all the components needed for a complete visualization system – from encoders and decoders to video wall displays and portable systems. Users can also control third-party devices like audio and VTC systems directly through the platform’s interface, eliminating the need for external equipment and custom programming.

Easy-to-use and fast to deploy

Unlike complex, hardware centric solutions that require extensive programming, the Command 360 software-first platform is set up and fully operational extremely quickly using its intuitive configuration wizard. Once active, Command 360 delivers the advanced functionality needed to coordinate and manage an entire operation or control center through its easy-to-use, secure, browser-based user interface.

Centralized administration and secure collaboration

When making real-time critical decisions, Command 360 gives users peace of mind with its enhanced security features, created to meet industry defense-grade and enterprise zero-trust model standards. Command 360 also has built-in centralized administration which offers administrators precise control over individual user permissions. In addition, over one hundred enhanced security features give customers complete confidence in the safety of their data, communications, and operations.

Haivision’s commitment to innovation

Command 360 is the first major new release stemming from Haivision’s recent acquisition of Haivision MCS, LLC (formerly CineMassive Displays, LLC) last year.

The introduction of this new software platform to the market embodies Haivision’s approach to security, scalability, real-time performance, and mission-critical reliability. Command 360 sits at the center of an entire ecosystem of components. It provides an open architecture that enables seamless integration with Haivision’s range of live video encoding, distribution, monitoring, and recording solutions.

We invite you to get familiar with the visual collaboration features and benefits that Command 360 has to offer operation, command and control center environments. Please watch our the on-demand version of our  “Introducing Haivision Command 360” webinar to learn more!

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