Minesweeper Super Challenge

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Did you know that Minesweeper celebrates its 30th anniversary this year? In 1985, programmers introduced an early version of the beloved puzzle video game we still play today.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Minesweeper, the Haivision team decided to introduce this old-school game to some new-school technology. We enlisted the help of leading Minesweeper developers to build a game big enough to fill our 24xHD video wall – the world’s largest Minesweeper!

Set to “Expert” level, our mega Minesweeper game had a whopping 38,799 mines! We challenged our team to beat the game, but a series of explosive defeats made it clear they didn’t stand a chance.

Think YOU can beat the Minesweeper Super Challenge? Haivision invites you to test your sweeping skills on our video wall…from the comfort of your home! Beat the game and earn a lifetime of bragging rights!

Many thanks to Curtis Bright and Christoph Nikolaus for their help with developing the game.

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