Mobile Visualization Solutions with the Stryke

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Field units deployed on or near the frontlines must maintain vital communications with command. This can often be difficult as circumstances downrange are continually shifting. To help facilitate the quick setup of mobile visualization systems, Haivision has developed a new series of non-portable, ruggedized video wall processors that are designed to easily travel along with expeditionary forces from all branches of the military.

Our new Stryke processors meet MIL-STD-810 standards for durability and can easily be deployed inside a mobile command post within minutes. Like all Haivision processors, the Stryke can easily consume any directly connected or IP-based video signals. Stryke also features our intuitive CineNet content management software for the rapid creation of custom layouts and activities by operators of any technical skill level. The Stryke can even be equipped with a CineLink encoder that allows it to stream an entire local video wall to other command centers creating a Global Common Operating Picture (GCOP).

We believe the Stryke is a valuable addition to any operating force that seeks to maintain constant and accurate communication with command while in the field. To help highlight the specific benefits of the Stryke mobile visualization system, we recently held a webinar featuring the Stryke and its capabilities. In this webinar, we covered the following topics:

  • Setting up a Stryke in a mobile command center in under 15 minutes
  • Sharing a Global Common Operating Picture from anywhere across your network
  • Creating custom layouts with video, images, and other assets in real-time
  • Connecting a variety of display types to create the best view of situational awareness

Our previously recorded webinar not only features the Stryke, but also showcases a detailed demonstration of our CineNet software and a question and answer segment from the audience with additional information. Please take a look at the below recording to learn more about our powerful new Stryke video processor.

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