Advanced Crime Center Technology

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Law enforcement agencies must rely on advanced visual intelligence systems to provide situational awareness, response strategy, and analysis to officers. For too long, operators and officers have had to parse through intelligence pouring into crime centers from disparate sources. Now, these same agencies can easily organize incoming content and distribute relevant information to key decision-makers in record time. This is achieved through dynamic visualization solutions that provide operators and officers with a Global Common Operating Picture (GCOP). Real Time Crime Centers (RTCCs) benefit significantly from a dynamic GCOP to increase officer safety and reduce incident response time. In fact, a study published by Rand found that deploying a Real Time Crime Center can cut crime by 3-17% across ten critical categories with some areas across the United States seeing as much as a 40% reduction.

We have leveraged our experience from installing more than 800 control rooms to develop unmatched technology. Our solutions can integrate with virtually any digital source to display content through quickly built layouts. We feature the most powerful video processing platform on the market, coupled with content management software that remains peerless when it comes to ease of use and operator control. As a result, police departments nationwide are turning to Haivision visualization systems to support their crime centers and provide instant access to camera streams, reporting systems, analytics tools, and geospatial data.

To illustrate this, we recently held a webinar featuring an interview with Jason Arres, the Deputy Police Chief of Naperville, IL. Jason gave us a first-hand account of how his department is using a dynamic visualization system in their RTCC for much faster intelligence gathering and response.

The webinar also provided insights on how to:

  • Increase the efficiency of your police force while confronting the challenge of “doing more with less.”
  • Share information with first responders, traffic management, and surrounding local and federal agencies to maintain a Global Common Operating Picture.
  • Change layouts with videos, images, and other digital information in a matter of minutes without programming.
  • Connect a variety of display devices and integrating dozens of URL-based sources without adding servers or overloading the video processors.
Check out this previously recorded webinar regarding advanced crime center technology. Feel free to browse our on-demand webinars, and please contact us to schedule a personalized demo.

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