Portable Visual Technology for Tactical Operations

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Generally, you may think of video wall systems as permanent, stationary, and utilized for intended purposes in a climate-controlled room with seating. However, Federal agencies and Department of Defense tactical operations often require a visualization system that quickly deploys to create a temporary or constantly moving command center in the field. As a result, these systems need to transport easily and withstand rugged conditions in potentially hostile territories.

Portable systems (also called expeditionary solutions) are ideal for these environments. They provide a powerful, mobile, and secure visual technology platform to view and assess content from multiple sources while relaying intel between workstations, video walls, and command centers around the globe.

Whether communicating with troops on the ground, carrying out covert operations, or responding to natural disasters, specialized teams need to monitor and adjust to emerging situations fast, and focus on response efforts in real-time. Having the right solution in place can aid in rapid decision-making and action during these mission-critical activities.

When considering a portable system, you want to assess your use case needs to ensure what you choose will easily integrate with your tactical operations and provide critical visual intelligence to get the job done. We’ve outlined key features you should consider when seeking to implement a comprehensive portable video wall solution.

  • Mobility – Tactical ops teams either set up a temporary field command center in one location or move the command center from place-to-place during the mission. The system needs to pack up neatly, and preferably be mobile with wheels for easy and secure transport.
  • Robust components – All necessary components are included and work seamlessly together, including display panel(s), video wall management software, processors, and a standup stabilizing apparatus.
  • User-friendly control – The right processor is coupled with the right software and gives users easy control and management of hardware, content, and audio functions to maintain situational awareness.
  • Reliability – Components are rugged enough to withstand weather, terrain, and other environmental factors while still functioning properly.
  • Assembly – Simple tool-free setup guarantees the system is ready for set-up and teardown in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Connectivity – All required cables for connectivity are included to source data from a variety of locations.
  • Support – Provider delivers 24/7/365 technical support where possible or trains your team to install and support its technology in the field.

Haivision offers a full line of portable video wall solutions that come equipped with CineNetTM, our dynamic video wall management software, and ultra-rugged processors. Contact us today for a demo of our products and learn how we can provide a customized solution for your organization’s field operation needs.

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