The Future of Healthcare Operations

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Industries all over the world have realized just how integral video walls are for all of their operations, chief among those has been Healthcare. From individual hospitals to multiple facilities across massive networks, video walls serve operational teams of all kinds to better manage healthcare facilities and patient care with this ever-evolving technology.

Medical professionals use these systems for a wide variety of means:

Security Operations

Healthcare operations use large-scale visualization systems in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to oversee all physical security for single hospitals or multiple locations simultaneously. Video walls in SOCs manage hundreds of incoming IP camera feeds to keep a constant eye on facility security while enabling operators to push critical content in front of onsite and remote decision-makers when an incident occurs.


Medical professionals use collaborative video wall systems within hospitals to closely monitor medical telemetry for all current patients. These professionals utilize intuitive content management software to access the applications and programs necessary to gather, analyze, and share patient information with the doctors and nurses who need it most.


Healthcare workers in charge of facility logistics depend upon similar systems to monitor supply chains, resources, and record management. As patients come in and out, rooms, medical devices, and tools must be accounted for, sterilized, and put back into service as quickly as possible. Operators can easily manage all of this with local and web-based software tools across a shared visual dashboard easily and efficiently.

Security is paramount for all Healthcare providers, and great strides are being made to bring all systems within compliance of various standards. The future of this industry will continue to innovate through the services and procedures medical professionals provide.

It’ll take collaborative visualization technology to bring these advanced, disparate systems into one digital and easily digestible canvas for operators and doctors. The utility that a secure, networked video wall system provides will only become more vital to Healthcare operations and practicing professionals alike. Schedule a demo with one of our experts to learn more about how Haivision’s visual collaboration technology helps enhance operations throughout the healthcare industry.

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