Field Operations Center Video Walls

Real-Time Situational Awareness and Communication for Command Operations

From Joint Operations Command (JOCs) to Combat Operations Information Centers (COICs), military command depends on the real-time collection and analysis of mission-critical information for rapid decision-making and action. Visualization systems within these environments must accept content from multiple, disparate sources while relaying intel between workstations, video walls, and distributed command centers around the globe.

Haivision designs and delivers complete visualization systems, including all the necessary displays, processors, video wall software, and more. Your Haivision system can be installed at your location, either on-base or downrange, and fully integrated into your environment.

What to Consider for Your Field Operations Centers

Across the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard – every command center is different. Throughout each branch, the specific purpose of a command center varies based on personnel within and the focus on their operations. Consider some of the following points as you begin to plan your Operations Center with our professionals.


  • How will this center or series of centers fit into your branch’s existing hierarchy?
  • Will this facility operate between multiple branches or organizations?
  • Are workflows universal or specific to each location?
  • Is your location in hostile territory?

Integrating existing technology

  • What hardware and software will you need to integrate with your system?
  • How often do you add new tools/systems?
  • Do multiple locations operate within the same software platforms?

Staff rotation and acumen

  • How often does personnel rotate or change?
  • Do you have dedicated IT resources for each facility?
  • How technically experienced is your average operator?

Physical space

  • Will you need multiple walls per center?
  • Do you need to make architectural changes to house a video wall?
  • How many operators will view the wall at once?

Collaboration Across Global Operations

JOCs and COICs operate within larger networks of similar centers across multiple bases and strategic locations. Haivision systems allow remote access to the entire shared common operating picture. Your centralized command center can push content to or receive content from any video wall system within your operating network.

Personnel can remotely access your video wall, manage intelligence, push information, and share entire video walls in real-time with other operations centers, workstations, and units in the field. Our encryption protocols ensure your sensitive data is always secure as it moves across your distributed network.

Dependable Tools

Haivision displays and video processors are engineered to operate in the most demanding military environments. Our hardware contains multiple power redundancies to ensure that mission-critical operations never go down. Expansion hardware such as our Site Manager provide additional backups for entire video wall layouts, feeds, and functionality. Even in the unlikely event of equipment failure, your workflow will never lose a step.

Collaborating with the Front Lines

Frontline operations that are always on the move face the difficult issue of constantly staying in touch with central command whenever they setup in a new location. Our line of portable video wall  products includes a complete, scalable mobile display (SMD) system, man-portable line of Stryke video processors, and associated standup kits. These portable solutions allow mobile units to quickly re-establish their dynamic operational dashboard and share information with the JOCs and COICs overseeing their operations. All Stryke systems can be set up in minutes by a single person. You can even use the Stryke with additional displays such as our own SMD (Scalable Mobile Display).

System Component Considerations

Each operations center is different. Your video wall system will be tailor-made to meet and exceed the specific needs of your unit and command. Below are some of the considerations for the hardware specific to most operations centers.

LED or LCD Displays?

LCD and LED displays feature different benefits depending on the types of content you will be displaying on your wall and throughout your operations centers. Take a look at our CineView III LCD and CineLuxe LED display options to find the display type that best fits your needs.

CineView III LCD Display

CineView III LCD Displays

  • Picture – boasts a 1920 X 1080 resolution
  • Bezels – displays can be combined with bezels as low as 1.7mm
  • Power – Our LCD displays have optional hot-swappable and redundant power supplies
  • Lifetime – provides a 150,000+ hour Mean Time between Failure (MTBF)
CineLuxe LED Display

CineLuxe LED Displays

  • Picture – 1280 X 720, offers a clearer picture from angles than LCD
  • Bezels – displays can be tiled to be 100% seamless
  • Power – include redundant power solutions, but are not hot-swappable
  • Lifetime – typical lifetime of 100,000 hours of Mean Time between Failure (MTBF)

Content & Device Control Management System

Command 360 video wall software allows for complete access to every piece of content across your operations network. Designed for use by anyone, regardless of technical experience, Command 360 lets you control your video wall on a browser-based platform through any PC or smart tablet
COmmand 360 Video Wall Software

  • Manage third-party devices directly through Command 360
  • Easily push real-time content between facilities in seconds
  • Create your own custom layouts to arrange content on a situational basis
  • Easily integrate with tools from Axis Communications, Cisco, Global Video Service and many more

Explore Command 360

Reliable & Powerful Processing

Designed for mission-critical spaces and 24/7/365 operations, Alpha FX Elite and Alpha FX Core processors are ideal for operations center visualization systems since they support the largest number of displays, input sources, and IP streams of any similar device on the market.

Alpha FX Elite & Alpha FX Core Video Wal Processors

  • Accepts and supports content from virtually any source – digital or analog, physical or IP
  • Designed on a Windows 10 PC-based architecture
  • Provides native video and image rendering without expansion hardware
  • Delivers accelerated graphics processing for incredible resolutions

Alpha FX Processors

Increased Content Flexibility

Tools like CineLink encoders are integral to push individual pieces of content or entire video wall dashboards to networked systems to facilitate decision-making and collaboration through your linked operations centers.

CineLink IP Encoders and Decoders

  • Enhance remote work capabilities with secure encoding and decoding throughout all operations
  • Create a flexible, scalable AV/IP platform
  • Share displays and dashboards in seconds
  • Route virtually any content source (like workstations, laptops, and cameras) to any processor or display on your network

CineLink Encoders & Decoders

Commissioning, Integration, & Training

We work alongside architects and engineers to design every aspect of your video wall system. Through our detailed consultations, we craft each unique aspect of the custom visualization solution that best meets your needs and requirements. Upon installation, we train your team of operators to make the most out of your dynamic investment. We then oversee the exact integration of your existing hardware and software into your system before a detailed commissioning process ensures every component is operating at peak efficiency.

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