CineMassive Showcase in D.C. Hosted by Axis Communications

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Haivision is excited to announce a new partnership with Axis Communications that lets us showcase our hardware and software capabilities within the Axis Experience Center in the metro Washington, D.C. area. This Experience Center is one of 6 facilities of its kind spread out across the United States. As a supplier of products and services centered around video surveillance and analytics, audio systems, and access control, Axis Communications uses these centers to host customers with specialized, guided tours. Wholesalers and resellers all depend on Axis’ expert knowledge to recommend the best technology solutions that their end customers need. It’s through these guided tours and demonstrations that they’re able to share and expand on their product lines and recommendations. Haivision is proud to not only be a featured part of these tours but to also help the D.C. Axis Experience Center better serve the needs of its customers.
Axis Haivision MCS Showcase
Interaction with their clients is vital for Axis Communications. The better they can tailor each client experience, the better they can highlight how well they understand their needs. These tours focus on several demo workspaces and environments within a Community Room, designed to host examples of their specific markets, and a Security Operations Center (SOC). Both areas are set up in advance by Axis to showcase the best AV technology solutions that are relevant to each visiting client. Customizing each tour means completely altering the look, feel, and layout of each workspace.
Before hosting and utilizing Haivision solutions, Axis would have to rely on disparate systems designed to control every display and video wall onsite individually. One video wall was managed by cumbersome software that limited flexibility. Additional displays were controlled by a separate piece of software that could only handle static images while the SOC was managed entirely by a custom-built computer. Specific training was required to use each system, and precious setup time was lost to placing images, videos, branded logos, and similar content across the SOC and Community room. The introduction of Haivision’s Alpha FX Core processor and CineNet software changed all that. With the Community room and SOC video walls and displays all powered by the same system, setup time has been dramatically reduced with options for additional personalization significantly expanded. For instance, the SOC is primarily used to host security camera footage from sources throughout the Experience Center. CineNet now gives users the ability to transition seamlessly from one custom layout to the next, allowing for a presentation of video feeds that can be tailored to any client’s needs. This added functionality doesn’t require programming knowledge by the end-user or advanced training. CineNet’s intuitive user interface lets anyone display and arrange content efficiently, allowing Axis Communications to better achieve their goal of interaction with customers through genuinely bespoke experiences.
Axis Communication Displays

Get a firsthand look at the powerful and intelligently designed CineNet software that helps manage content across distributed visualization systems as well as the additional video surveillance and monitoring solutions that Axis has to offer by visiting the Axis Experience Center the next time you are in the greater D.C. area.

United States, Washington, DC metro area
Mid-Atlantic Office and Axis Experience Center
1001 19th Street North
Suite 1400
Arlington, VA, 22209

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