New Updates to our CineNet Software Platform

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Content management software for visualization systems must be designed with the end-user in mind. New operators should be able to approach this software and be ready to dive into its controls without the need for advanced training or programming knowledge. We’ve worked hard to keep CineNet, our powerful and intuitive software platform, both robust and still accessible by anyone. In our newest 3.8 release, we’ve added several key features that enhance productivity.

Enhanced Live Mode

Previously, CineNet’s Edit Mode let you place assets by name across your video wall. You could edit the size and layout of each asset in Edit Mode then switch over to Live Mode to see how that layout is currently displayed across your wall. With our newly enhanced Live Mode, you can now take advantage of all possible editing features directly within the software’s Live Mode view. This allows you to annotate, move, resize, add, remove, set z-ordering, and more all without the need to return to Edit Mode. Edit Mode still exists next to Live Mode, while this added functionality lets you manage content in either mode as they see fit.

Scheduling Behaviors

CineNet has long had the capability to set behaviors that shift video wall layouts based on situations occurring throughout the control room. Now, with CineNet 3.8, behaviors can be scheduled by the day, hour, and minute in the local time zone of your control room space. Now you can easily automate the content layouts that you want displayed between regular shift changes for operators. These scheduled behaviors can be easily programmed to turn on the system at the beginning of a workday or to shut it down at the end. Any recurring events that dictate the operations on the wall can now run in tandem with automated procedures to keep content layouts relevant to the work at hand.

CineAgent for Locally Installed Applications

Our new CineAgent solution gives you the ability to stream four concurrent web applications. Now with CineNet 3.8, you can stream one local application per CineAgent. This extends controls beyond web-based applications to tools such as VMS systems and SCADA systems, as well as PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents, to name a few. CineAgent also gives you full KVM control to interact with the content as needed.

These are just a few of the latest and greatest CineNet software features. We’re always looking to improve our software platform based on the feedback and needs of our customers. You can expect future releases to build off these advancements and more as we continue to provide the best visualization systems and content management software on the market.

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