CineMassive Introduces Scale4 Expanders

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CineMassive is excited to introduce the Scale4 Expander, available as a standalone appliance or as an add-in board for use in a CineMassive Alpha FX Elite or Core video processor.

Scalability and flexibility are more important than ever. As organizations adapt to changing workflows, operations consume information from an ever-widening range of sources. In mission-critical environments, content processed by visualization platforms must be easily managed, displayed quickly, and require minimal setup.

The Scale4 Expander achieves these objectives. It ensures reliable, quality enhancement of any system. The Scale4 can power up to four full HD displays from a single HDMI video source, including high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) devices. This expander provides customers with a compact solution to efficiently add more displays to video walls of any type and size. Designed to integrate seamlessly into CineMassive video wall systems, the Scale4 expander is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Product Features

  • One UHD / 4K60 input
  • Four HD 1080p outputs
  • Bezel corrects, rotates, crops, scales, and mirrors
  • HDCP support on all inputs and outputs
  • Can adjust all scale factors to adapt to input changes
  • Independent platform control via a network interface
  • Create infinite configurations


Total Flexibility

Scale4 expanders capture a single video signal of up to 4Kp60 for display on up to four screens, at resolutions up to 1920×1200 per output. The input content can be from any HDMI source and displays can be arranged in a variety of configurations. In addition, customers can pair multiple Scale4 units to add even more displays.

Easy Deployment

The Scale4 provides out-of-the-box plug and play using the default 2×2 landscape configuration, without having to install software or connect to a video source. Via on-device control buttons, users can cycle through pre-set configurations to easily select and set the display layout. Users also gain the ability to fine-tune bezels to ensure a seamless image on multiple displays. A bezel is the space that surrounds the individual displays on a video wall. Continuity of an image over the wall improves the visual experience and quality of content. The Scale4 also includes HDCP support to display content from HDCP-compliant devices, like satellite TV receivers, cable boxes, and streaming video appliances.

As with other CineMassive products, the Scale4 appliance and board are backed by a five-year Extended Limited Warranty.

Organizations ranging from public safety to utility management, cyber security, and military command need flexibility to easily expand and scale their visual collaboration systems. The Scale4 is a simple solution for today’s dynamic requirements. Schedule a demo to find out more!

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