Virtual Desktop Streaming Now Available on CineAgent

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Haivision is excited to announce its CineAgent server now supports virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) streaming functionality!

As more and more organizations tap into the benefits of virtualization, operations centers need to stream virtual content as part of creating a common operating picture for real-time situational awareness. Video wall systems provide a central hub for content management in the control room environment where operators rely on everything from custom applications to social media sites, web/IP streaming, and now virtual content for comprehensive information gathering. A high-performance, dynamic system gives key decision makers the most comprehensive, current information needed to effectively assess rapidly evolving events and threats.

Along with CineNet content control software, Haivision’s visual collaboration platform meets high-content demand with dedicated web and local streaming through its CineAgent server. Now, with a VDI streaming license upgrade, the high-performance CineAgent becomes even more powerful. This license allows CineAgent to stream content from virtual desktop sources.

Supported Protocols

The new capability supports common VDI protocols such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Virtual Network Computing (VNC), RFB (framebuffer format), and Secure Shell (SSH). Organizations with any of these protocols can add or upgrade a CineAgent with a VDI license and easily stream virtual content.

KVM Control

Efficient, intuitive content management through keyboard, video, and mouse control (KVM) is important in time-sensitive, mission-critical environments. CineAgent devices with this new VDI functionality are natively integrated with Haivision’s CineNet software and provide full KVM control over LAN and/or WAN connections regardless of location. Organizations do not need Java, Flash, Silverlight, ActiveX, or any other setup tool to easily manage virtual content.

Available Now

Stream your virtual applications, documents, and resources securely by adding Haivision’s CineAgent with a VDI Streaming License Upgrade. Contact us today for more information and a product demo.

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