Evaluating Scalability for Control Rooms: A New White Paper by CineMassive

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CineMassive is excited to release our latest white paper: Evaluating Scalability for Control Rooms. This white paper takes you on a deep dive into the technical considerations for scaling visual collaboration platforms in control room environments.

Control rooms provide centralized operation oversight. Defense, public safety, emergency response, and a range of other fields rely heavily on control rooms with state-of-the-art video wall technology for security monitoring, data dissemination, and situational awareness. The scope and cyber footprint of an operation may grow for a variety of reasons: expanding or distributed work forces, organizational policy changes, legal considerations, increasing consumer base, network upgrades, new technologies, or acquisition of assets.

Scalability refers to a system’s capacity to grow efficiently and in proportion with changes across multiple operational facets:

  • Functional
  • Generational
  • Heterogeneous
  • Administrative
  • Geographic

Each of these areas represents ways in which an organization faces scalability challenges. Rarely do only one of these growth areas apply. For example, it’s difficult to incur functional cost increases without also realizing greater administrative expense. When new technologies are incorporated in an existing system, an organization may need to hire additional operators or train existing ones. Evaluating control room needs through a comprehensive scalability lens forms a strong foundation for future growth and planning. Learn which questions to ask when exploring the tools, resources, and emerging technology used today in mission-critical operations to better anticipate tomorrow’s requirements.

CineMassive’s long-standing experience with control rooms of all sizes and purposes gives us deep expertise in designing for scalability. Our visual intelligence and collaboration systems include dynamic content management software, high-performance video processors, and accessory equipment engineered for scalable environments.

Download a copy of Evaluating Scalability for Control Rooms today to learn more and discover how CineMassive supports this important control room requirement.

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