Actionable Intelligence Over IP

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Network, security, and emergency operations centers collect enormous amounts of raw data in real-time, 24 hours a day. To successfully meet mission objectives, operators must efficiently extract actionable intelligence from an abundance of otherwise benign information. The deluge of accumulated information operations centers receive can be too cumbersome to analyze efficiently. Of course, an excess of data doesn’t warrant a regression to old ways. Data collection continues to evolve with integrated systems leveraging the internet’s power. The tools used to migrate from human monitoring to strategic predictive models and automated machine learning are also evolving. Visual intelligence over internet protocol (IP) provides the gateway for operations centers to execute mission objectives effectively.

As described by TechTarget, internet protocol (IP) is the method by which data is transferred between computers or devices over the internet. This certainly isn’t breaking news; IP is well established in tech communities and is the cornerstone of the modern internet as we know it today. It facilitates efficient control room operations. Actionable intelligence is not as widely referenced but is growing in popularity as the field of cybersecurity grows. It may take on varying attributes as each organization has a variety of metrics and analytics for specific objectives. As the phrase implies, however, actionable intelligence is simply any data providing situational insight which can be acted upon, with the compelling implication it should be acted upon.

Numerous products exist to assist organizations digitally shift through bulk data to capture and highlight potential threat intelligence. Network operations centers can use actionable intelligence reports to quickly identify remote access attacks, data transfer anomalies, ransomware invasion, and peculiar user behavior, among other irregularities. Military operations depend on field alerts, tactical Twitter, surveillance, and reconnaissance information. All of this data is filtered through analytic algorithms to zero in on key information needed for proactive decision support and collaboration. For another example of this constant collection of data, consider the extensive device arsenal of the public safety and emergency operations center:

  • Body-worn cameras
  • Fixed and vehicle-mounted cameras
  • Thermal-imaging cameras
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones
  • Closed-circuit television
  • Smartphones
  • Holster sensors
  • Biometric sensors
  • Personnel tracking/accountability systems
  • Gunshot detection/location systems
  • Facial recognition systems
  • Automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Mobile data terminals (MDT)/rugged laptops/tablets

All of these devices, common not only to public safety, but to military, utility, security, and other operations, integrate with visual intelligence platforms commonly used by such command-and-control centers.

Haivision has an extensive history of successfully designing visual collaboration platforms for the fields mentioned above, and more. Our experience with the growing need for intelligence over IP has driven numerous innovations in hardware and software development. For example, the CineAgent server enables dedicated, concurrent web and IP streaming to video wall displays. CineAgent devices may alternatively be used for running local applications, including analytic, modeling, or data processing software used to refine information into actionable intelligence. It features full soft KVM interaction with the video wall, which is crucial for real-time situational assessment of actionable intelligence. In conjunction with CineAgent’s dedicated web and IP streaming, CineNet software provides intuitive and unlimited content management. Analytic tools integrate seamlessly, whether web-based or locally installed due to the dynamic pairing with CineAgent. The combination arms operators with the best real-time actionable intelligence available.

Regardless of the mission, all command-and-control centers need information that moves operations and the communities they serve closer to secure and safe environments, digital or otherwise. The evolution of data analytics and visual collaboration systems continues in pursuit of this goal.

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