Control Room Efficiency Through Visual Collaboration

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Mission critical teams depend on accurate data and intelligence to make informed decisions. Control rooms and command centers provide a centralized location from which remote field operations or regional activity can engage in this transfer of intel. Fostering control room efficiency may mean the difference between life and death, success or failure. The comprehensive and real-time collection, analysis, and distribution of information is imperative for thorough evaluation of all situational factors. The tools used to execute the work must deliver maximum output with minimal demand of resources.

Situational awareness between the field and the control room relies on immediate transfer of not only statistic and textual data, but visual content as well. Drone footage, traffic cameras, and websites which stream live video all provide real-time representations of developing events. Content consumption should be the focus of any efficient control room, and the technology to manage sources should be intuitive, dynamic, fast, and most importantly – unnoticeable. A visual collaboration system which requires frequent hardware reconfiguration, coding for ad-hoc connectivity, or endless reboots forces operators to spend valuable time managing the system, not the content.

Standardized Technology

A unified, central visualization platform from a single solution provider significantly improves control room efficiency. When processors, displays, software, and accessories are procured from multiple vendors integration and compatibility challenges go up. Instead of a single, consistent technical support resource, operators have as many support contacts as they have vendors. Each of these resources can only speak to its specific product. They are not acquainted with the larger system. Additionally, disparate components may require multiple user interfaces. Working with one provider to design, install, and implement a cohesive video wall solution ensures streamlined functionality.
“By standardizing on a single technology platform, we are now able to successfully share video and content between systems and entities across disparate geographical locations with ease.” – Crystal Cody, Public Safety Technology Director, City of Charlotte

Effective Content Control

Content management software is the heart a visual collaboration platform, just as the control room is the heart of field operations. Efficiency increases as fewer tools are used to achieve the same outcome. The user interface for controlling content should offer maximum results for minimal effort. The overall user experience must:

  • Be intuitive and accessible for non-technical users
  • Eliminate need for coding or special programming to ingest a variety of source content
  • Include functionality for scheduled and automated workflows
  • Offer unlimited, customized layouts for routine activities
  • Provide secure, custom access for multiple user profiles
  • Be scalable and flexible to meet growing content and site needs
  • Deliver redundant protection for possible system interruption or failure
  • Enable high-performance, high-resolution content display
  • Support a common operating picture with simultaneous delivery to multiple locations

A software platform designed to deliver control room efficiency, like CineNet, provides each of these features. Secure access prevents problematic errors. Dynamic functionality and ease-of-use ensure high performance. Simultaneous, multi-location sharing reduces information exchange time. Redundant capability and minimal technical support decreases downtime. These efficiency-driven qualities free operators and decision makers to focus on missions, not systems.

Contact a Haivision representative for more information to schedule a demo of our CineNet visual collaboration platform.

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