Getting Superior Performance from Web-Based Applications

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Anyone working in the command and control space has noticed the growing trend toward a reliance on web-based applications. URL feeds, cloud-based, or SaaS applications are commonly used across multiple markets to monitor network health, traffic, and security. Public safety and defense organizations use web-based apps for geospatial tracking as they prepare to send units out to address conflicts or incidents. Enterprise companies rely on social media to track customer and sentiment analysis. At the same time, emergency operations centers monitor social channels to gather real-time updates on disasters and incidents before they can be highlighted by news feeds.

Traditionally hosted software isn’t going away anytime soon, but there’s no denying the proliferation of web-based tools and apps throughout all markets. This abundance of URL-heavy applications has started to take a toll on the processing power of typical video processors and video wall setups. The need to keep these apps up and running, around the clock and accessible at a moment’s notice, also presents a bottleneck for overall computing power throughout any control room. As additional apps are used in the control space, more individual workstations or computers need to be dedicated to running single applications, which creates an inefficient distribution of resources for operators.

So, what’s the best way to bring in these web-based tools without raising costs and cluttering valuable workstation real estate? The answer lies with our new CineAgent device. CineAgent handles the computing power necessary for the series of web apps that a control room needs without demanding that they permanently run on an operator’s desktop. CineAgent keeps apps running, separate from the central video wall processor, so they can be shared at a moment’s notice with no loading times, soft KVM control, and the graphics processing power to handle 3D, real-time programs.

See more about our exciting new CineAgent device in the recording below from one of our latest webinars – Command Center Best Practices: Increasing the Performance of Web-Based Video Sources.

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