Effective Emergency Response Coordination

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Haivision MCS  is proud to help emergency responders and public safety officials across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. The City of Chesapeake Public Safety Operations Center (PSOC) is helping to establish a unified command system for the entire City of Chesapeake’s region throughout this challenging time. The Incident Command Response (ICS) represents the city’s approach to a standardized method to govern command, control, and coordination of all emergency response issues during this crisis.

COVID-19 restrictions have been a significant hindrance to control room operations. Many have reduced their work staff by upwards of 50%. To combat the presented restrictions, the City of Chesapeake ICS is working to ensure that all government services stay up and running. Everything from city government, public health, regional medical centers, public schools, and especially emergency response needs to work with the same playbook to communicate and operate effectively within the current guidelines. Extreme weather events have a history of severely impacting the region and it’s imperative that all emergency response capabilities remain ready to activate at a moment’s notice.

Through the PSOC, which features a robust Haivision visualization system at its center, officials have organized the ICS to keep all actions and decisions coordinated across the City of Chesapeake. This proactive approach to preparedness is instrumental in fighting the spread of COVID-19, while ensuring vital services are still in place. The city government realizes that, even during these trying times, routine functions still need to take place – permits need to be issued, city businesses need to operate, and the public still needs access to municipal services. The collaborative visualization solution at the heart of the PSOC is key to keeping the ICS one step ahead of any developing issues around this pandemic and any other situations that might arise.

Take a look at the video below to see the operation in action.

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