Increasing Video Wall Performance and Redundancy at the Same Time

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Across all markets, the command and control room environment has specific requirements that depend entirely on the organization using the space. Ease of use, accessibility, and operating performance are all key necessities for any control room. However, there’s one element in any mission-critical operations control room that’s becoming more important by the day: redundancy.

Down Time is Not an Option

No matter how elegantly designed or advanced the video wall solution, it is extremely important that redundancy plans are in place if the system goes down due to equipment failure or for maintenance. Spaces where critical operations running 24/7/365 must have a plan in place powered by the right equipment to cover all situations where equipment may go down, but the common operating picture must stay up.
Redundancy is vital to all control rooms that can’t afford a second of downtime in any imaginable scenario. These rooms need a dedicated hardware solution that can enhance the performance of the existing video wall while also providing the means for redundant backup. To cover this need, Haivision always recommends Site Manager, as a critical component in any mission-critical video wall system.

Introduce a Multi-Purpose Solution

From the ability to manage control failover procedures to maintaining firewalls between trusted and untrusted devices across a control room network, Site Manager has become an absolute necessity in large video wall systems. Site Manager not only provides an additional layer of backup redundancy if an Alpha FX processor becomes unavailable, but it also enables display mirroring and optimizes the performance of the entire video wall system. Site Manager helps control rooms scale to significantly larger video wall systems as needed while expanding the number of web applications that can be concurrently streamed to a video wall.
Simply put – devices such as Site Manager are cost-effective methods to support both the performance of any vital video wall operations while also enhancing the performance of day-to-day operations. The 24/7/365 mission-critical control room space can’t afford to overlook redundant backups that are needed if and when potential equipment downtime damages their visualization system.

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