Emergency Operations Centers of the Future

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Across the country, cities, counties, and municipalities are adjusting their procedures and staffing requirements around COVID-19 related guidelines. Social distancing practices have impacted every organization imaginable, and it is the responsibility of critical public services to maintain full operations despite the guidelines. The rise and continual fight against the COVID-19 health issue doesn’t stop the regular flow of emergency situations that require large scale, coordinated responses. Natural disasters, inclement weather events, and rising social issues all happen whether your response hierarchy is ready or not.

To help you adapt to handling multiple challenges, you need to make sure your Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has a video wall system that:

  • Includes easy to understand controls
  • Runs on common tablets, PCs, and smart devices
  • Provides a browser-based interface
  • Enables centralized device management
  • Allows for the creation of custom layouts in minutes
  • Assumes no technical background
  • Requires no prior programming knowledge


Making sure that you have the right video wall system in place is a great start for setting up a regional EOC for success in these difficult times. Ease of use is especially important since emergency response almost always demands the efforts of multiple agencies working in tandem. When operators start to use a new system, they can’t afford to waste valuable time learning the various ins and outs of the control or content management suite. Our CineNet platform is immediately approachable for any operator regardless of experience for precisely that reason.

To help organizations adopt a multi-use EOC video wall strategy, we recently hosted a webinar to share the latest video wall technology, best practices, and a real-world example from our friends at the City of Chesapeake Public Safety Operations Center. Watch this webinar for insights on how they are adapting their emergency response to deal with the public health crisis, weather events, and social issues, all while running at peak efficiency.

Please enjoy the following previously recording to see our webinar and follow up question and answer segment. For more information about how this technology can benefit your organization, schedule a demo with one of our experts today!

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