The Distributed Command Center Model

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The current pandemic sweeping the globe has everyone rethinking just what “normal” operations are. For the control room environment, working guideline changes can have severe impacts on staff and productivity. Adapting to a remote workforce does not have to be as daunting a task as one might have thought – this is especially true throughout control rooms where an onsite presence was considered an absolute necessity. However, with the right solution in place, teams can still maintain complete operational efficiency, whether they are working onsite or remotely.

The distributed command center model has been taking shape with control rooms for some time. Pushing individual pieces of content, and even entire video wall dashboards, between disparate operations centers can be achieved as easily as one might move content between two workstations. With mandatory guidelines affecting SOCs, NOCs, Logistics Centers, Command Centers, and other collaborative workspaces, remote access capabilities are more critical now than ever before.

Several vital points must be addressed before you can operate remotely and expect the same degree of efficiency you’re used to in your static control room:


Remote teams, either working from home offices or within other control rooms, need secure access to your operation center’s control room along with the proper software to manage that content as if they were onsite.


Separate video walls may be running a suite of the same applications and software tools, but their data will always come from different sources. The visualization systems on your network must be able to share and display each other’s dashboard to create a truly collaborative environment.


Access through software such as CineNet will let users on your network manage content and assets across their video wall and allow them the ability to push that content to other visualization systems on your network. Even web-based applications can be fully utilized through soft KVM controls on CineNet, so an operator anywhere in your network can make full use of those applications whenever necessary.

We have recently held a webinar explicitly focused on the rising challenges with remote work in the command and control environment and how to best navigate the changes that might impact your system’s workflow. Please watch the recorded presentation below to see how Haivision software and hardware are already solving the problems that come with a remote workforce as well as an in-depth demonstration of our CineNet platform.

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