Visual Collaboration Benefits Energy Management

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Utility organizations are no stranger to innovation and technology. In this blog post we highlight a particular use case that is using our video wall solutions for proactive energy management.

The Challenge

An industry leader in the transition to a clean energy future built a high-tech remote operations control center to provide its specialized team of professionals with the space and ability to monitor, and control the organization’s managed wind power facilities.

Choosing the Right Provider

After careful research and evaluation of video wall system providers, the organization’s leadership determined that a Haivision MCS (formerly CineMassive) solution was a perfect fit to help the operations team perform critical, 24/7 energy management operations – including wind farm performance monitoring, SCADA system monitoring, energy market pricing, employee safety monitoring, downtime categorization reporting, and more.

The Solution

The video wall system components included a LCD display panel of monitors, video wall processor, CineNet video wall management software, and GuardianCare support. The comprehensive solution coupled with 24/7 technical support was a fundamental asset that contributed to the organization’s around-the-clock operations workflow and provided users with real-time situational awareness of the organization’s energy management platform.

The Benefits

With the video wall in place, the team benefited from:

  • Complete content control
    Users can arrange content sources anywhere on the video wall and easily scale, crop, and zoom into content sources in real-time. This functionality lets them adjust their view on the fly and investigate areas of interest in live data and camera feeds.
  • Alert visibility for immediate response
    If an event triggers the organization’s centralized alarming program, an alert displays on the alarm application itself and pops up on the video wall, ensuring that it cannot be missed.

The Haivision visual collaboration platform helped the organization’s operations-focused team work efficiently and effectively to support clean energy management initiatives.

Utility organizations across the country use Haivision video wall solutions to monitor and manage operations and give users immediate access to valuable information so they can make informed decisions. Contact us for a demo and additional insight into how utilities can gain critical visualization with our solutions.

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