Video Wall System Tech Support Considerations

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Video wall systems support a myriad of use cases in various industries such as field operations, emergency response centers, real-time crime centers, transportation management, security operations and more. Display walls can range from large to small and provide real-time situational awareness and visual intelligence to assist organizations with making critical decisions fast. As a result, there isn’t room for failure in an operations center and that includes the video wall. It’s imperative that advanced technology in these spaces be maintained with appropriate and proactive tech support.

When selecting the right visual technology partner, organizations should consider their technical support packages and set expectations for what exceptional support looks like. We’ve identified key best practices that, when consistently executed, both protect your investment and ensure reliable operation to maximize visual collaboration potential and value.

Responsive, Around the Clock Support

If something goes wrong, make sure that there is support for your visualization system during critical situations. End users require an avenue to report any issues, whether online or over the phone. They also need access to skilled personnel available for emergency dispatch and hands-on assistance with an issue when needed. Ensure that these experts are available 24/7 with quick response times. This assurance provides peace of mind in otherwise tense situations.

User-Friendly Customer Portal

Most technical support teams manage requests and issues via a “support portal” or ticket-based site. This provides a digital log of reported issues and resolution. A dynamic interface allows users to submit and track the progress of these support tickets and ties the submission back to the account information. By having the account data centralized in one location – system specs, technical documentation, and support requests –the account users and support team have easy access to pertinent historical information.

Education and Training

While the customer portal provides an avenue to initiate support requests, support should also include educational training and system update resources. With easy access to user documentation, new operators can quickly get up to speed on usage and management. In addition, training videos, answers to frequently asked questions, and self-service solutions eliminate time and frustration when searching for information.

Regular Communication and Clear Expectations

If a system isn’t working properly, operators in mission-critical environments need acknowledgement of the problem, clear solutions, and reasonable timeframes for resolution. Your tech support team should provide realistic expectations and prioritization criteria for your issue.

The Haivision MCS GuardianCare support program offers customers a service level commitment based on priority designation with guaranteed response times ranging from four hours to within the hour of submission, depending on the severity of the issue. Customers can clearly indicate severity in the online support ticket submission for increased visibility and awareness. Our support team also reviews the GuardianCare program with customers after installation and makes frequent outreach to check system functionality and follow up on resolved support tickets.

Support for Third-Party Integrated Components

A visual collaboration system is a complex combination of software and hardware tailored to fit each organization’s needs. It is ideal to select a fully integrated solution instead of grouping individual components together from multiple sources. When a visual technology solutions provider installs and maintains the processors, displays, management software, and third-party components, they are prepared to troubleshoot the entire system. Not only does that simplify the purchase and installation process, but it also provides a single customer and technical support resource.

Dedicated, Experienced Professionals

Support teams must be proficient in network security, control software, visualization hardware, and be familiar with the range of different use cases for using visual collaboration systems. Access to a team of professionals with industry longevity, deep IT knowledge, and a passion for assisting others ensures a positive outcome for any issue that arises. Purposeful technical support elevates not just your system’s performance, but also empowers you to get the most functionality and best results possible.

Haivision GuardianCare Support

Now, more than ever, organizations need access to experts who efficiently and accurately resolve problems and keep users informed. The Haivision GuardianCare support program provides ongoing expert support for Haivision video wall systems and helps our customers leverage their technology investment to its fullest potential. As a GuardianCare member, organizations can rest assured that their critical assets are supported by our dedicated team.

Contact us to learn more about our video wall solutions for mission-critical visual collaboration and our focused approach to providing our customers with 24/7/365 expert support.

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