CineMassive Announces Major Breakthrough in Video Wall Processing and Software for Broadcast Studios

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ATLANTA, Feb. 17, 2015 – CineMassive, an industry leader in high-performance video wall solutions, today announced a groundbreaking innovation for digital set displays in broadcast studios. The Alpha FX platform, composed of the Alpha FX video wall processor and CineNet Live software, is the first system in the world to unite the capabilities of a video wall processor and a matrix switch with 3D accelerated graphics, content management, pre-programmed show-building, and real-time control.

The processors found in most broadcast studios are architecturally inflexible, impossible to upgrade, and unable to leverage the latest graphics capabilities. The Alpha FX video wall processor was developed to shatter these limitations. This ultra-high-resolution processor and matrix switch features 3D accelerated graphics and unprecedented power and flexibility. Its advanced graphics hardware provides seamless content-rendering and allows real-time video capture to be dynamically placed in 3D effects and transitions. The Alpha FX is also fully 4K-ready, accepts signals in virtually any format, and can support multiple display surfaces simultaneously. These capabilities are made possible by a fundamental architectural advantage. The Alpha FX is built from modular components, making it flexible, extensible, and continually upgradable, so users can always leverage the latest graphics and performance capabilities.

The Alpha FX video wall processor is controlled with CineNet Live software, itself a major advancement in digital display technology. CineNet Live provides a robust toolkit for pre-building productions, including alpha channel effects, layered source effects, and a library of 2D and 3D transitions. A take-based timeline enables rapid show-building and provides take-by-take control of on-air productions. In addition, CineNet Live enables real-time changes to live productions. Operators can create and load new content in response to unfolding events, leveraging the Alpha FX processor to incorporate timely graphics and live footage. Finally, CineNet Live functions as a content management system that provides instant access to video assets stored on the Alpha FX media player.

Together, the Alpha FX video wall processor and CineNet Live software create the ultimate studio enhancement. “We wanted to create an awesome virtual backdrop that could do anything – help you tell any kind of story, augment any segment,” said CineMassive Co-Founder David Minnix. “With the Alpha FX platform, the possibilities are truly limitless.”

The Alpha FX platform is available now to CineMassive’s direct customers, resellers, and partners. For further details about the Alpha FX platform, please visit the Alpha FX processor page on our website. To schedule a free consultation with a CineMassive Account Manager, please call 1.800.792.5975 or email

About CineMassive
Founded in 2005, CineMassive is an industry leader in delivering innovative, high-performance video wall solutions for business-critical and mission-critical applications. As both manufacturer and integrator, CineMassive designs, builds, and tests all of its own hardware and software and provides complete integration and support for its systems. This end-to-end approach enables CineMassive to develop customized, purpose-built visualization solutions that are designed to meet the unique demands of each project. CineMassive has provided video wall systems for every branch of the US Armed Services, the Pentagon, NASA, leading research universities, and top Fortune 500 companies, and has recently entered the broadcast market. For more information, please visit our home page.

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