CineMassive Officially Releases Industry’s Most Powerful Expeditionary Video Wall System

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ATLANTA, June 23, 2016 – CineMassive, an industry leader in high-performance video wall solutions, has officially released its Scalable Mobile Display (SMD) system, a high-resolution expeditionary video wall system designed for applications in rugged and dynamic environments. The SMD is a turn-key video wall solution that includes CineMassive’s CineView II LCD displays, an Alpha video wall controller, CineNet software, a mobile mounting frame, and cases for transporting the system. Engineered for field maintenance and mobility, the SMD system is scalable in size while maintaining the same powerful, reliable technology as CineMassive’s full-scale solutions.

CineView II LCD displays deliver reliability, performance, and longevity unmatched in the industry. Designed with IPS technology, active backlighting, ultra-narrow bezels, and redundant power supplies in every display, they provide a virtually seamless image and 24/7 reliability. CineView II displays can leverage Cat6 or fiber optic video inputs and can be enhanced with additional features like interactive touch. The displays can be deployed in configurations of 2×2, 4×2, or 6×2 and up to 32×2 (64 screens), making the SMD an extremely scalable solution.

Each SMD system comes equipped with an Alpha video wall controller. The Alpha provides powerful, flexible processing and real-time control for the SMD system. It can capture and display content up to 4K from digital and analog inputs and is compatible with nearly any device. Designed for 24/7 operations, the Alpha is extremely reliable and resilient.

The Alpha controller comes loaded with CineNet Pro video wall software for access and control. CineNet Pro allows users to view and control their content sources on a single platform. The content can be placed anywhere on the displays and can be easily scaled, cropped, and arranged in real-time. Content can be arrayed into an unlimited number of layouts and saved for instant recall.

The SMD mounting frame is a rugged, portable mounting solution made of custom-fabricated steel and aluminum. The frame supports CineView II 47” LCD displays and can accommodate speakers, cameras, and other devices. It can be assembled without tools and can be packed into the provided cases for transport.

SMD systems can be customized with optional expansion packages like single-domain and multi-domain video teleconferencing systems and professional-grade audio packages. A 22.5-inch touch interface can be added to control and automate the video wall, audio, teleconferencing systems, and more. An option of military-grade, ruggedized UPS (uninterrupted power supply) allows the SMD system to be safely deployed into shelters, forward operating bases, and other rugged environments.

“CineMassive is well known for working closely with members of the Special Operations Forces community to design, build, and support ultra-high reliability, scalable and easy-to-use video wall systems,” said Robert Kaufman, Co-Founder of CineMassive. “CineMassive systems are deployed and relied upon 24/7/365 by every branch of the US Armed Services to provide mission-critical situational awareness and often in the most demanding and hostile environments across the globe. The SMD system is built from the same technical backbone as its trusted, battle-proven permanent-installation cousins but modified to provide a uniquely ruggedized and expeditionary package optimized for the constraints of temporary environments such as shelters and forward operating bases. The SMD system is the product of close cooperation between CineMassive and our Special Operations partners and we thank them for their expert feedback and guidance throughout the development process but, above all, we thank them for the many ways they provide the highest degree of service to our nation.”

For further information regarding SMD or any of CineMassive’s other portable products, please visit this expeditionary product information page.

About CineMassive
Founded in 2005, CineMassive is an industry leader in delivering innovative, high-performance video wall solutions for mission-critical applications. CineMassive designs, builds, integrates, and supports purpose-built visualization systems that are tailored to meet the unique demands of each project. CineMassive has provided video wall systems for every branch of the US Armed Services, leading research universities, and top Fortune 500 companies. For more information, please visit our home page.

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